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  1. i was in ghetto pride the other day and this guy behind me hade a bottle of soy sause and a package of 6 or so pigs feet.
  2. are you one of the kids who hang out on the corner infront of rhoads dorm
  3. yeah i got the new trasher the other day and read the little artical on him. shit sucks RIP one love
  4. yeah i go to VCU (in richmond) and i decided to go under a bridge the other day to see if anything was under there and shit was i in heaven when i saw the elk peice. there is also a penis and a rei 21 on both sides. Props to expert out there he's got crazy stuff up on the over passes. There's a lot more richmond stuff on www.dreamlikereality.com I love going to school there.
  5. mine got popped 2 weeks ago, but the cops never asked what we wrote or why we wrote it so im going to keep on going. But yeah they took my bag too!! and now im at college and i don't have a backpack. fuckin cops should i change my name or keep the same one?
  6. i know i know!!! he lives near me
  7. i didn't think you could do something like that with a can of spraypaint.
  8. That site it crazy. Even the Disney movies are bad to them. and im glad someone has done there sxe homework. xxx
  9. the one with the bike is the best!!! i like bikes
  10. see, that's why i like the winter because if you cold you can just put more clothes and and sooner or later you'll be warm. But when it's hot you can be totaly naked and you still sweatin you balls off.
  11. i think i just busted a load in my pants!!
  12. i think i just busted a load in my pant
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