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  1. sieb

    Another Freestyle Thread

    Its time for you to celebrate, Like you was a 30 year old nerd on his first date, I throw lyrical blows like pimps smacking hoes, Your bitch is the one who would know, My flows are like heroin be careful you don’t overdose One move and your toast, you better be taking notes, Known for a level of animosity, that scares most monstrosities, The fresh coast’s repping with voracious verbal velocity, Musical strains so strange, the masses claims theyre mentally insane, But what do they think of kids with band aids and chains, If they want aid Ill give them pain, and vessels and veins, will bust open like fire hydrants on hot days, don’t even try to say I hate cause I annihilate, Just like its your fate, to get sent back to your mom in crate, Your boys chains are attached to weights and hes at the bottom of a lake, Smoke dank? You Buying dubs that are .5 of shake, Playing that your high, so other gay guys, think you’re an easy mark and make you open wide, and you take It with pride, Why live life, when looking into my eyes, could leave you blind, pray to me leave your body at a shrine, and you thot It was your time to shine, But it was really my time to dine, I analyze your rhyme like this was science and I was Einstein, how you try and say you commit crimes, when I seen you talking to swine dropping the dime, bitch admit that your mine
  2. sieb

    cameras on buses

    has anyone seen these, little mirror globes in the ceiling with cameras in them, gay z.
  3. sieb

    wow, being a scenester is really expensive

    izods are the shit
  4. sieb

    The I hate people thread............

    i guess the reason i hate it, is because im hella scared of being a big fat ass, so i hate seeing it
  5. sieb


    how sav? real sav....
  6. sieb

    The I hate people thread............

    i fucking hate fat people that always have to stop and buy a little cookie, or some ice cream, i was at a burger joint the other day, and this fat bitch comes up all by her self and gets a big ice cream cone, it made me so angry, i hate that, i hate these arrogant disgusting lard asses that always have to eat lil shit like that, always have to have their ice cream, i wanted to grab the cone and throw it on the ground, and see if she wants to eat it then
  7. im almost positive i know who you are
  8. nevermidn what i was about to say ill get at you thru a mutual aqquaintance
  9. wierd, some of the writers name on that list tho, are writers that only gauze and you would know, and someone impersonating them would prolly overlook. which is the only reason i orignally believed the list was legit. but i dont even know the full story
  10. wait, so your trying to say the boss or intangible fame, impersonated you, and wrote all that?? im confused
  11. sieb

    Seattle shits...

    very surprised my name is on the list
  12. i like mickeys more than oe, drinking oe has gotten me to a point where i cant even look at the bottle, especially high gravity, my homies got hemmed up by poe drinking mickeys, and the poe let them off, and told them next time to get better beer
  13. sieb

    THUMPER! (what are you eating?)

    a bowl of macaroni and cheese at 2 56 in the morning after anight of hard core kicking it kraft macaroni and cheese jsut aint the same tho after i found out kraft was owned by big tobacco
  14. sieb


    honey bunches of oats with almond 4 life
  15. i forgot that i dont post anymore, so i took my post out
  17. sieb


    i drink 40s, mickeys being my favorite, simple because its cheap and efficient. can i get a holler for a rack of milwaukees best, or natty ice tall cans, or Keystone Light tall cans? what what High School White Boy
  18. those last flicks ive seen in person so many times it sickening, but its interesting to see them on 12oz and one of those rize pieces ive never seen. ive never seen anyone else rep any of his (rize) crews. i remember him having a grip of stickers up and noticing them. adn then all of sudden hella tags. Ive never seen anything of his outside the U district.
  19. sieb

    Tom Leykis Show

    that show reminds me of my dad, he didnt seem like the type to listen to it, he was hella like polite and well mannered, but he would laugh so hard at that show, i did to. sad memory
  20. ^^^word black and white dunny
  21. sieb


    aight, me and a homie are going to hawaii for a week, kailua oahu, but ill be able to go to honululu, and i want to know some good spots to kick it at, where i wont get beaten by tourist hating locals, where would be the best place to meet girls, we were thinking just going to beaches, and like shops downtown. any suggestions ?
  22. miami looks like a nice place to bomb, interesting spots
  23. drank bicardi, and mickeys, with some bitches at my house ended up at my freinds house, who i thot id never kick it with again, because he makes retarded decisions. but i had fun. woke up at 7 today
  24. sieb

    Let Me Know 2

    where are your handstyles!!!