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  1. i seen some myself!?
  2. He any other lakota people were standing against the Government i.e. MLK,jr., the goverment took them as a threat because they were rounding up people and arms, people who were tired of being 'hushed' and 'threatened' some part of A.I.M.. Che in an image represents the same consept. Leonard Peltier is in Federal Prison "charged" for killing 2 federal agents at wounded knee in 1973 on the PIne Ridge Res in South Dakota. you can read more on the internet or his book PRISON WRITINGS - Leonard Peltier
  3. i gotta admit that almost everyone who benches in the mill got a flick of that progressive rail car. Dope. Im waiting for it to come back with the flip side rocked!
  4. just make sure when you tresspaa to get pictures on your bench that you don't have any past due tickets under your belt since they turn into warrants. it take like 6hours to bail yourself out!
  5. for the flat you get a pat.... keep um rolling like its stolen!!
  6. i would like to bench where you do!!!!
  7. dam that isto is hot even w/o a forcfield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. damn, does it stop. keep the flats coming like homeruns off the bat humming...
  9. what a sight to see when i come back from a long road trip,,, a bench by Artistik!!!!!!!!!!! who kills? what did i miss this wk-end???
  10. maybe there still there to get some daytime fliks
  11. what about tomorrow night?
  12. FAG!-shout out to the SOBE GREEN TEA BOTTLE next to those BOOTLEG OAKLEY sunglasses FAG! POOOP ass thread!
  13. just do you.....i like to see what i'm seeing
  14. i'v seen a few roll thru my town
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