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  1. that atak on the armn is straight off the chains
  2. from a recent trip to the camel city chillin beechfront swillin on the champagne of beers straight 76 degrees and sunny all night
  3. metal heads http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid81/p853e6ab904239f0cad3230f9300ba7fa/faf6aebd.jpg.orig.jpg'> http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid81/pa87e29e524118781755a11178e86d5be/faf6ae8d.jpg.orig.jpg'>
  4. rod stewart os my hero.... jyk meets the low down posse coming july 03 to a fetish club near you uhh ohhhhh
  5. hmmm, your use of grammer, and the english language is amazing..... oh wait, translation:: "yo boyye, the ways at which you be speekin is fkkin the shizzzzzznittle homesliceeeeeeeyyy niggy no muthafuggin dobt nigggaaaaaa true."
  6. damn dude, i got boxes of like 150 mesh hats in my attic from when i used to play little league baseball back in the fukcing day, i should bust them shits out and hustle for 20 bucks a piece....
  7. 1st ohhh shit, my one friend at work told me about that shit, fucking funniest shit ive ever heard. it amazing that guy could fucking go through the whole deal, and make it seem like he was forreal
  8. the fact you quoted sisqo makes me want to vomit
  9. fucking fat motherfucker, i hate that fucking show, and i cant fucking stand them kids. spoiled bastards, may he be addiction ridden for the rest of his life.... like i am haha
  10. wow..... she got thick and hideous real quick....... bitch hit the wall
  11. 2 down one to go, got a fucking 5 hour break so i can try and catch up the workload i neglected to do, instead i decided to listen to malt liquor and try and fuck girls
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