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  1. ok, this is something like the old freestyle session thread but those were gay and nut fun. Now make funny ass freestyles making fun of other people or just anything funny in general... peeeeeeeeeace
  2. haha yeah about that car. Its in a rain run off river. One morning it was just there..so me and 2 of my boys bombed it... It rained and our shit got all drippy... so like 3 days later we went do there again and we got the trunk to open and we found a milk jug full of oil. There was all shit load of trash in the trunk. We also got the hood popped... There was still an engine in it...and a working battery..we could still turn on the lights. Above ther car is a bridge...so we walked up there and threw huge fuckin rocks at the car and broke all shit. and then once it started to get dark we dumped the oil all over the interior and we put news paper all in it. We lit the shit up and fuckin ran.... We got to this hill and watch the fucker burn and then 2 cop cars and 2 fire trucks came. one of the cop cars and one of the fire trucks actually went down into the fuckin river and put the fire out.. lol it was some of the funniest shit ive ever done... I never got a flick so thanks vanity peace Ease n Jude DRH
  3. that mako doesnt even NEARLY resemble a fuckin Emit.. stop trying to act cool saying it looks like some other shit. Emit almost always uses straight lines. so shut the fuck up..
  4. im not trying to hate man but do you realize whenever you post something your always thinking your the one that is right and all you ever do is say everyone else is wrong?? maybe its just me?? anyways..peace
  5. I do hope the Saget gets his ass whooped by jessie..That would be sweet......but at the same time Saget was showin some major balls about suckin dick for coke on half baked.:lick:
  6. Haywood Jablow me Hugh Jorgan BiG Fat DIck iN yOur AsS.
  7. :king:those were some sweeeeeeeeeeeeet flickz
  8. SmackMYass

    the OKAE post

    Jesus Christ i seriously just had an orgasm... holy shit.
  9. what do you think the US is doing now?? Bombing the fuckin middle east.. And do you realize gas is now 5 bucks a gallon??..its because we ARE NOT trading with the middle east. Were getting even with the middle east.. What will that prove you say??? It will stop them from fucking with us. Besides..i was just fuckin around you idiot... i meant bombing as in graffiti anyway... get a life.
  10. yes, take that as me screaming at you. hey buddy, you can blow me. If you had half a brain you would realize that i said "if i find out if the Middle East did this." And the bombing i was talkin about was graffiti...you know...what more than half of 12 oz is about? besides man i was just fuckin around.... and i was pissed. And yes you can take this as FUCK YOU and I DONT CARE WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINK. And YES i am Yelling at you... [This message has been edited by SmackMYass (edited 09-11-2001).]
  11. I sware to god if i found out that those fuckin saudis are fuckin middle eastern son of bitches did this shit im going to go to their city and bomb that shit harder than the world trade center and the pentagon combined
  12. Hello, my names IVO mob guy and i like to self promote my shit...
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