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  1. y did i read all this bullsheeyet? therez only two good pics in tha whole thred. what a waste!!!////
  2. ho shit! i saw one of those roftops eat did this morning. shitt was dooope. those af guys alwayz pop up out of nowhere and destroy hsit way harder then evryone esle. props 2 eat
  3. bug

    Graff Girls

    i want picturs of the chix!!!
  4. bbblllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  5. bug

    the fishing trip

    ooohh, i mIss the days i use to fish with my dad.... i tell him we can fish this weekedn dats some big azz fish :dazed:
  6. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a stupid azz jocking TOY!!!
  7. shootz!! i like da kine pigen tred!! da mean peaces is onolicios!!!!!!!!!!!!! garenz ballbarrenz kden
  8. you trikked me you fucka!!! go die!!!! hahaha, nah////the carchters are good:D
  9. wheres da airplain bombz? what did graf become?! batle on tha internet? i like tha bogus n tboe pieces///////shoulda showed tha ones next to it to?
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