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  1. i usually am not impressed by flower type designs found anywhere, but that looks really nice. i don't know, it just had that kind of fell to it, but it rules. i'm not a fan of the second one since it's an x, but we all know how that goes.
  2. note this is mr. mang on my OLD name. 1. where were you born? [indianapolis, indiana] 2.whats your favorite animal? [housecat] 3.why would you pick that animal? [because i said so] 4.why didnt you pick the cow? [they just stand there] 5.ever been to Disney Land? [disney WORLD] 6.if so whats your favorite ride? [Pirate of a Caribian...duh...pirates are badass... had to go with Mis on here 100%] 7.whats your favorite color? [gray/black/brown] 8.has your words been posted up as a quote in homosexual undertones? [yeah i think so] 9.did your parents get divorced? [yeah] 10.whats your favorite thing to eat? [pizza] 11.whats your fetish? [girlsd in general] 12.do you smoke ganja/bud/marijuana or hash? [drug free] 13.who's your favorite 12oz member? [mis, tyler, boxcar, beardo - lots of cool people on 12oz. tue for LIFE] 14.how happy are you? [maybe a 6/10] 15.what kind of music are you really into? [i just got into dj shadow and i really like it so far] 16.do you have a car? [95 maxima, fool!] 17.what are your other "other" hobbies? [skateboarding, drawing, videogames] 18.are you a racist? [no] 19.do you believe in God or something with more brains than you to create this universe? [all religion is shit in my opinion] 20.why do you come to 12oz and whats your fav place to go in 12oz.? [i just came because this board is much better than most boards - lots of cool and interesing people. channel zero and paperchase are good sections]
  3. i like them a lot. who cares if it's style biting? 90% of you have the same "styles" to begin with and it all looks the same. i love jesticle's work.
  4. does anyone know about Jesco, the Dancing Outlaw? i saw a fan page for it, but i have no idea where i could get my hands on it. i think it might have been on HBO. there was another show (which may be the same as above) about how HBO (or someone like that) went way in the middle of nowhere in the ozarks or appalachian mountains and filmed these small town hicks for like a week or month. i heard some kids talking about it a year or so ago and it sounded pretty good.
  5. both of these parks are 100% concrete louisville extreme sports park --- yeah, i didn't think up the 'extreme' part so don't blame me. if any of you are for some reason in the louisville area you should check it out. there is plenty of transition to skate, the concrete is perfect, and there are even a few street things to skate. there is even a 24 foot full pipe, but it's taken over by old guys and it sucks anyway. i think it is a good park for young kids to old guys. plus, the park is lit and open 24 hours a day. wooooo. a definite plus. bad sides of the park: not enough street things to skate overcrowdedness too many little kids too many bmx kids (half of which always seem to be looking for a fight) too many people who don't know to skate a park without getting in the way SKATE SLUTS* LOOKING FOR SKATER DUDES TYAAHH (which may or may not be a good thing for you.) i give this park an 8 and a half out of 10 plus you might want to add some more if you like skate sluts* ______________________________________________________ jeffersonville skatepark --- if you're . . . for some reason in the jeffersonville indiana area (which is right across the river from louisville), their skatepark is worth checking out just once. it wasn't officially opened when i went, but we all skated it anyway. the concrete is nice, but everything is either way too steep, or the concrete ramps you drop in on are wavy and almost unskatable. actually, to be honest whoever built this park should be shot, because its placement of everything is pretty awful. even the ledges down the stairs are too high for most skaters. but it's a nice park to get away from the EXTREME overcrowdedness of the louisville park and check out once. good side of the park: it is built right next to the new jeffersonville pool, which has 2 slides. a perfect place to frequent for some southern indiana poon-tang. and yeah the kids there are always pretty nice i give this park a 3 and a half. the half point comes from the poon-tang capability directly related *skate slut definition - girls who don't skate, but usually travel in small groups. they often wear "skate" clothing like billabong or some crappy punk rock t-shirt. they are their strictly to talk to "cute" guys with their other girl friends. will dump you for a better skater in a minute, so it is a strictly hit it and quit it drop it like it's hot situation. you have been warned. below is a picture of louisville skatepark, although the angle can't show all the rest of the park. http://www.initialrecords.com/blackwidows/images/skatepark.jpg'>
  6. i haven't been following this thread at all, but i'd imagine prison conditions will forever suck. nobody likes being locked up in a cage. and yeah, if ka-bar was an objector in the vietnam war then chances are he doesn't write graf now. i don't know his story for bring on here if that objector story was true, but... do we have another carla thaler here?
  7. you guys don't understand..... listen now: you'dhave to lok at that lady the WHOLE TIME
  8. i agree about the punk skater thing. it's the worst trend ever. being a drunk dork with buttons all over your leather jacket while blasting the sex pistols is lame as hell. fuck baker skateboards too.
  9. most offensive jokes are just really bad played out jokes that are retold from something else. especially racist type jokes.
  10. http://members.aol.com/prwrecords/images/prince.jpg'> "i'm gonna be all up on of them skateboards with a walk the dog like heeeeeey"
  11. i haven't MET him, but my cousin is the drummer of the suicide machines. i think he is a cousin by marriage or whatever. i met his brothers (or half brothers) a few years ago in michigan and they were pretty cool. i dont see that side of the family a lot.
  12. you can win one of the skateboards done by the artist formerly known as Mr. Mang/patrick jilbert but you have to answer some questions and the chances are pretty slim. but pick up a slap anyway. it was supposed to be a product review, not a contest . . .
  13. i want to fight that dork mr. mang CHILLADAWG!
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