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  1. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: use it and find out for yourself...jesus christ
  2. as the saying goes "the best things in life are free"
  3. gotta love the 2-in-1 rental fridges.
  4. speaking of peeping toms and unhinged jaws... :D :D :toothache: :toothache:
  5. pseudo-intellects on both ends...eschew the analysis and post pics.. :huh2: :huh2:
  6. killer or no killer...respect the fuckin dead...hope that "deaded" things..pun intended
  7. Funny, I can read it just fine. And THIS is gay ass font. Thanx though, I'll keep that in mind. Quoted post [/b] hahaha....ever heard the cliche, everyone's a critic. its the fucking internet, deal with it. this is a far stretch from reality, so stop caring what eryone online says. it's such a petty thing to defend yourself over the internet and hover over the responses and defend e erything...let your pieces speak for you haha...its not like a can can tell if the person holding its got a dick or not...10 sloppy vag points
  8. they just sucked em off for the names...i acutally fuckin wasted my time and went to that bitch's myspace thing, 5'1"...lesbian...17yrs old..highschool....she'd get out of shit with the law...drop that jaw bitch..i'd stick it her way
  9. alright, sinc you fucks were too stupid to heed my advice ealier on, here the number again,this time ill tell you what it does,770-836-1965 --you call this and you hear a loud frequency it will rise in the pitch of the sound then it will lower,if you hear like a crashing "kaboom/ fax type distorted" sound at the end of t he high pitched sound you cell=tapped if not youre a lucky fuck. i cant believe i;m letting you guys know,but it should help,and only works if you live in the united states. you canall die now
  10. enjoy great woods beardo?they're breaking up at the end of this weekend. time to drive up to vermont for 5 days of intense tripping and their last show ...let the festival of organic smelling fucks begin.
  11. feeeling the alphabetized flicks and the pier
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