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  1. I appreciate and respect your agression. But to channel your beef at Doritos just makes me laugh.(and thats not a bad thing)I can relate to your wanting to hurt your fellow classmates(dumbass's please dont pull the Columbine card here)Soooooooo, Go get em Beardo!
  2. I just like the name of this post. Sounds like a title to some good reading material.
  3. My last 3 books i read have been by Bukowski. I enjoy the subject matter and can relate to alot of his drunkeness and feelings toward life and woman. Currently I am reading "Tales of ordinary madness," and its some good shit. Peace to the Buk fans!!!
  4. If your in the city and your family doesnt bless you with money be prepared to be broke and hungry. Everything cost mad loot here and you dont have none your gonna get mad frustrated. I hope you like bagels, pizza, and bannannas cause i think that was all i ate for 3 years. I worked and paid rent and school tutition and it sucked but this money makin Manhattan and its there if yo know how to get it.Peace!
  5. it says BDR on it.. which was one of the dopest kid crews to come out of philly. nowadays people probably don't even know BDR. .....When the hell was bdr one of the dopest crews? One week in the summer of 2000. Please dont disrespect 215 heads who been reppin crews for years and years.
  6. IVO your comment must be a joke, Cause your graff sure is.
  7. Times Roman king of all fonts....? Did you get your art education out of the back of some mag for drawing a turtle and a pirate?LOL
  8. I like the floater, fuck the haters your letters are tight. Where you from?
  9. fuck the haters i like it. Whats the function of the big green bottom chalk board looking thing? Text im guessing, you should show how that would be laid out. Kool looking shit and functionality often compete be aware of who is winning.
  10. Yea EMO the AM7/MSK guys are a little pissed you SPOT JOCKED them.
  11. These are funny as hell. Post more!!!
  12. Dream TDK was the shit and will always be a timeless style master. I remember seeing his simple style in spraycan art. It was dope then and still is. And pieces...forget about it!
  13. Mark Bode does his Dad's Chrachter's pretty nice. Ceaze Am7 does some sick Graff tatt's.
  14. the purple one on site is hek (tx) hgs dsr
  15. that first flic is falvor...props. the throwie needs a little work. Come to nyc or 215 and lets get busy.
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