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  1. i seen an episode with some graff fools getting caught. west coast i think and they were climbing this low roof sorta area. cops found markers on them. I saw an episode or 2 were the criminals got away. One kid ran into the projects and shaked the jakes. Another a guy was in a car chase and there was even a helicopter but he ran in this big apartment looking building and they never found him.

  2. Philly style is nice, i was born and raised there but why do some heads from 215 insist that it is the best style ever. Yes a good philly writer can bang out at least 8 diffrent styles on any random word but saying that we are the best and everywhere else sucks doesnt make sense to me. I use to like traveling before internet graff and most magazines to see the steez in New York, Miami or where ever, cause there are bangin hands all over the map. Peace.

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