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imported_! Hoes Get Sex !

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  1. bump for arek. kool mutha fucka.
  2. bump for Mint-Serf-Goal-9Volt and the rest!
  3. on the go videos are kool. I like some of the classic video graff's. And the graff core with keeps and ader bombing insides and bums is also a winner.
  4. Dam, that sucks i remember seeing his and mere(might have spelled wrong) big throwies up around miami in 93. My boy age introduced me to him. RIPaint
  5. GRAFFITI IS BETTER WHEN YIUR ON DRUGS.....get it right. you sucka.
  7. Peace Curve! see you in the trench's~>GAGE
  8. give it up quick you-nit-wit-Or im a let my four-fith spit,and leave your wig split-prick. We miss Big L!
  9. Dam this fool painted alot of dope pieces.
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