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  1. Rens! Kaos from Berlin (this piece may be posted already, whateva) Kaos45
  2. Thanks for the info bob, I'll be sure to check their website. The ERS crew, along with Oker's recent stuff is what interests me the most at the time.
  3. Recto Recto, GT UltraBoys Recto Pro
  4. Tonus, ultraboys Dead, GT BadNews Badnews Pro, GT Smack, Jaba, Pro, Ker, Yen All pictures stolen from this great site: http://membres.lycos.fr/painters430/
  5. ERS crew are so cool. I want to join their fanclub. post more pictures if you got, or buy Gettin Fame magazine #3. All stolen from http://membres.lycos.fr/painters430/
  6. I haven't got a scanner, so I'm afraid I can't help you with this one. Last time i posted it, I just searched the web and eventually found it in some strange forum.
  7. Stockholm Ehso, along the stockholm subwayline Clis, Grey A subwaystation by Fame Crew
  8. Great update, and a great post as well! It's nice to see my hometown represented in this forum. Personally, I think that the graf-scene in Gothenburg is great at the moment, there are so many talented writers who put in a lot of work in what they're doing (Punk, Zeray, Quiter, the whole F-ups and IGS crews to name a few). Let's just hope that it stays this way for some time now!
  9. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00230403f00000072.jpg'> http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=980343'> These are two of my all-time favs... I just love that old moas style.
  10. Paris bombed by Gt crew http://www.armvr.net/tag/Writerz/GT/WEK_02.jpg'> http://www.armvr.net/tag/Writerz/GT/PRO_01.jpg'> http://www.armvr.net/tag/Writerz/GT/WEK_SODA_01.jpg'> http://www.armvr.net/tag/Writerz/GT/WEK_06.jpg'> Stolen from http://www.armvr.net
  11. Update http://www.capitalsthlm.com/trains/pendel/images/h/hook007.jpg'> Hook http://www.capitalsthlm.com/trains/pendel/images/l/leon003.jpg'> Leon http://www.capitalsthlm.com/trains/pendel/images/l/ligisd004.jpg'> Ligisd http://www.capitalsthlm.com/trains/pendel/images/klipp/dirte_unik_bug_kies_ons.jpg'> Dirte, Unik, Bug, Kies, Ons http://www.capitalsthlm.com/trains/pendel/images/n/ner001.jpg'> Ner http://www.capitalsthlm.com/trains/pendel/images/l/leon002.jpg'> Leon http://w1.889.telia.com/~u88905395/update_03_01_05/tag11.jpg'> Ner
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