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  1. SCREAMING "CLOSE ME" CLOSE! CLOSE! Dear Mr. Tizag, Your topic, "Fav. Colors" is unoriginal. Please take a look around the board and find one of the hundreds upon hundreds of threads dealing with colors. Then admit you love me. Next time you have an idea to post a topic, search to see if its been done. This might shock you, but chances are your great thread topic idea is not original and has been done many times over and many times better than yours would have been. P.S.- Jackasses are a part of the 12ozprophet board. Dont be angry because people make fun of you because your saying stupid things or asking dumb question. Just brush it off. ARG
  2. What are these cans in this bag for well shit, i hate most of you kids that posted in here simply because im jealous. why cant i have dope parents like you guys? i was hella sneeky for 4 years (starting when i was 12) then i screwed up some time ago. i left my bag outside the door when i was coming back home. i was going to bring it in later, but i forgot and fell asleep. my parents found it and questioned me. im surprised they hadnt known before this. its not like they had no clue what graff is. my brother was deep into it. he had gotten beat up by mexicans at a wall so my parents thought graffiti was evil. they tried to get him to stop by letting him paint our garage. but that gets tired. his mistake was that he left shit around. he has sketches on the phone book, tags on my keyboard, and just a whole lot of other shit. they know what he writes, if they see it he gets yelled at, its funny. but i never left my shit hanging out. so they had no clue. but i had posters on my wall. shirts with pieces on them. paint on my fingers. clanking in my bag. late nights with bad kids. all the signs. but yeah, they found my cans and questioned me. they tried some new tactic on me where they try to make me feel bad for them. it was pathetic. but interesting. they arnt dumb parents, im sure that theyve pieced most of it together, except for what i write, im hella careful. i just hope they dont know who i write with. i need to give my friends code names now. for talking on the phone and shit. im trying to make them think it was just a phase. but as for you kids that mix paint with your pops and stake out spots with momma, that makes me sick. damn bonding and shit. i know one kid whose parents never ask where hes going, dont give a shit about him. he says he writes but he is up nowhere. if my parents were like that, you can guarantee i would be king of the city. i think its funny that jedd lives with his parents and hes 21.
  3. ADDICTS i forget where, but i heard you can become addicted to anything at all. school,licking cats,salt, you name it you can become an addict to it.
  4. BAH! ARG! ACK! i hate you northwest kids. DAMN YOU ALL!:king: ARG
  5. WHAT?!?! no way, 03 sucks! stupid juniors, ive been behind them all my life, and im tired of there stupid stank stench. ZEROFOUR ZEROFOUR ZERO ZERO ZERO FOUR! personally, id have to say i like your "logo" dude has a point with the line through it. and dont send it in with your name attached to it. Us 2K4 kids kick ass. 05...now they truly suck.
  6. you sure know a whole lot about this stuff, you and BIG T both. you guys in the army?
  7. this type of stuff makes me happy. next time you go out and think what you did was ugly, check out this thread.
  8. so observant...should have noticed the writers had 2 different pairs of shoes on. dif person. same crew.
  9. close this thread, we dont need another Emo post. The bench is for posts with flicks, not politics.
  10. maybe you guys didnt hear him......he said he got that picture from a people magazine. i cant even see the picture for some reason though, even in defy's other pic post, all im getting is the RED X.
  11. damn that TEST was totally bootlegged.
  12. hahaha that is funny...Bush is a retard.
  13. it all nice and good on paper but...... i doubt he could put that up on a wall.
  14. so fake but it doesnt even matter. Bumps for this post.
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