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  1. boxcarwilly


    this is an eccentric bottom bracket.
  2. boxcarwilly


    raCE IN BOSTON STREET CRED.... http://www.geocities.com/scboston2004 cutters what????
  3. moreover mark ryden.... joe sorrens a rydenchompaholic. but christina has nice boobs and as for wednesday addams she was hot, a lot young but still hot in that fuck me im goth way.
  4. to quote the winner of bostons biggest weekend battle in recent history: this is gay. not the fact that the thread is missing, just the fact that the threads fucking men in p-town.
  5. thanks everyone. believe me if i had the four gs to buy a diamond i would have, but she understands money worries and said anything you get me is kosher, and you can always put diamonds in it later.
  6. thnx steve... cutters are spposed to be married. shit come to think of it most are... i guess im one of the married cutters soon.
  7. hopeless romantics deserve to be married, our obsession with being a little girl about things makes you an ideal husband... its good shit.
  8. i think its noble if the situation permits, but sometimes it can royally fuck things up, believe me i would have loved to tell her dad and let him know my intentions etc, it just wasnt the right situation. but it definately adds some romance to the sitch.
  9. even tho i completely agree with that approach, and feel like a shitfuck for not persuing it, everyone we have told so far understands why we did it somewhat surprisingly, her mom cried my mom cried, and we figured theyre gonna cry either way might as well get it done because its something that you cant be talked out of... not that we could be talked out of it, its better in my mind to do it as irrationally and romantic as possible.... and think about where and when because its a huge point in writing the autobiography of two people.
  10. devilush... sn: threeredrazors thanks everyone, keep making me feel congratulated MOTHAFUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beardo: its definately a change in the right directions. its something like an anchor, and a validation for everything else that has come up, the past the fuckups the bullshit. but its good. real good.
  11. hey kids, i just got engaged, and i wanted to share my fucking elation with all the people i know from here. holy shit is jobe saying he is happy??? shes got a killer ring. a killer heart. and shes got me. its kind of insane. completely unexpected completely insane. well seeing as i can babble on and on about it... just tell me congratulations and maybe if you are worth it, you can be invited to the wedding and buy us presents. jobeone.fuckbachelorhood.
  12. boxcarwilly


    anybody besides me go to monstertrack in nyc... i didnt think so. im rich bitch. and i didnt even ride. it was a hot race, started at chelsea piers, ended at chelsea piers, fun track stand contest which rome shouldve won but squids a cocksucker.... i visited galleries and caught the finish and some girl that was real hot at the beginning of the races looked fat and drunk and fat at the end of the afterparty. and i will say this boston will smoke any city under the table. its all about captains quarters cyphers... if i could only attach images.
  13. balishag rollies all day. oh and honey blunts are the fucking slam. but black and milds seem to work their way into my life on rainy days... somehow.
  14. i cannot stand dale chihuly or however the fuck you spell the morons name, he is a fucking bane on the actual artistic merit of glasswork, anyone can drizzle blown glass to make it look like ugly ass tool fans haircuts. i hate him i hate him i hate him, but at least motherfuckers are showing some culture lately, not that this dude is cultured except for all the dickfaces that ride his shitty cock. jobeone.blowingglassinwierdshapesisnotart.notevenconceptual.notevenabstractexpressionist.itsjustplain gay. gay. gay.
  15. el, i definately applaud your response, it was intelligent and well put, i may have been somewhat offputting in my rant, i tend to get like that when i havent eaten... yet in a metaphysical world your connections on this planet, in this life dont matter i think it is a huge point that is missed in the explanation of modern religion, the only love you can have should be for god... *i dont necessarily believe it* but i think if more people thought like this 1. bush wouldnt be pres 2. there would be no reason for me to rant about the inadequacies of modern religion to fulfill the actual commitments of true religion... they make it too easy the catholic church started saying it could excuse people from their sins if they went to kill nonbelievers... then it went down hill... (not to pick on Cats it was just a good example... i can pick on alot more but i am being wordy again)/// maybe its my inner desire to actually have something higher in my lifeline... but its just easier to really know what to do and not do it and forget about it... shit celebrate lent, have fun... remember that penance or no penance sooner or later youll make it back.... thegreatesttrickjobeeverpulledwasconvincingtheworldhedoesntexist.
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