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  2. My New favorite post !! look at that Resk....wow!! and the Slope that Revok and Merz is Fuckinshiznatic...:

    SF photos

    nice post ! :king:
  4. Onorok is sick like that shit is that nevers from bosotn ? ya i think it is....
  5. The first one is cool..I love the put up its on some new shit = tight and the spider man prodo is just ill if you can post the rest of the pices...
  6. ..Rest in peace to nace and all of the other writers that have recently passed away......YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MISSED... ,ANYONER
  7. Add this to the Boston list... http://www.igraff.com/vbb/upload/attachment.php?postid=343'>
  8. The first one is a Rufio fr8 then a big Kem grate and last a old monk piece...and too jobe these are old flix..ill get the pike later
  9. This prob. wont work so somone please fix it for me http://www.igraff.com/vbb/upload/attachment.php?postid=345'> [This message has been edited by NEONERZ (edited 08-11-2001).]
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