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  1. album art.... did mear do the art work for Hive's devious methods ?
  2. expert!!!?!?!???! where's the expert. he had richmond (specificaly i95) on lock last time i drove through.
  3. don't know if i like the gore stuff that well.
  4. do you not have any friends to talk to? i mean....it's ok that you're asking us...but can you really trust us dumb bastards. i like iloveutensil's idea....
  5. throw yeah yeah....sickest throw i've seen in a while.
  6. "Serkoff -curve, keep it movin' " no shit...youguys seen that graf tv 7 video? homeboy is mad.
  7. wow...i'm impressed by the photoshop!!! ....?!?!
  8. the banksy shit in scrawl too is fuckin' amazing.
  9. wish i could remember... hahah...i wish i could remember the name of this fucking group but i saw one of their videos called "sandwiches" or something. just girls wrestling in a tub fighting over cucumbers and a midget guy riding a carousel...somebody pubahs....anybody know what i'm talking about?
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