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  1. Surely you can figure it out...
  2. i :heartbeat: beachfront. camel city bump
  3. i'm all about the skate shoes. they have a nice flat sole that's good for gravel. not to mention offering good balance - one of my (shitty) spots requires walking across a pipe and those babies definitely help...
  4. best pars i've seen, totally kickass
  5. best pars i've seen, totally kickass
  6. the mob goin up to the house in that "fearless vampire killers" scene. hotness
  7. c'mon now...i like 'em - and you said you'd post more flicks
  8. say that again. the crosses in that aztek crack me up
  9. that zeph just made me go sketch. thanks
  10. anything to avoid my paper really? i'm incredulous. i just think most of his work looks pretty damn classy. especially considering how often i see it. plus dood's a fill maniac, i love that. guess people could complain about the rectangular shape lots of the pieces create, but...whatever man - celebrate. i could pretty much ponder this issue all day. :loopy:
  11. it's fucking hell, right? i miss my crew :cry: summer's right around the corner boys...
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