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  1. otoam33

    ~Your TaTooZ~

    That's why tattoo artists use(d) the term ''slingin' ink''....not "slingin pigment". I'm serioulsy getting real tired of everyones stupidity and lack of knowledge on tattooing. If you don't know anything about it, other than what youv'e heard from your buddy who's a ''tattoo artist'' or from your janky ass friends, then please save face and shut the fuck up. I'm already in a bad mood and, and dipshits don't make my day any brighter. (huh..so why hell is it I'm here anyway)
  2. otoam33

    ~Your TaTooZ~

    Wow, good comback there chief...I love how you probably assume i'm just some ''rookie''. Way to go. Once again, you are wrong here. The juxposition of the imagery is not original in its placement at all. Come on now, a heart with wings with a straight razor over that. That's is as traditional of placement as you could make it. I'm no fuckin old timer here, but even a ''rookie'' such as myself can figure that out. I love how you throw in Paul Booth in there. Oohh, shall i bow down and start topping you off right now. ''Yes, i said paul Booth". And how much did you manage to pay for that one? Or will you once again try to impress me with a cute little phrase like "Shit, I didn't pay anything, it was free. Paul (and you'll probably call him by his first name only) is my cousins neighbors brothers uncle". 0r something along those lines. And I'm sorry, but paul Booth, isn't as goddley as you'd love him to be. Yes, he does do some amazing things? But have you seen some of his other work? It's a fucking joke. The only thing he can manage to tattoo well is either eyeballs, dead nuns, or demons. Some of his tattoos have no sense of depth perception at all and the proportions are completely off. So you're attempt to try and impress me with bullshit, has failed. Ooohh Oohh, and i guess this is where i say Guy Aitchison use to baby sit me and now were best friends to try and impress you (which we're not). Or where I say GIANT tattooed my stomach (which he did), but thats besides the point. pointing out the fact you have work by one of the tattoo ''rock stars'' doesn't impress me much. Because any jackass with the right amount of money or the right connections can get work from him, eventually. Alright, now, if someone decides to get a tattoo on either the bottom of their feet or their palms, then they're a fuckin moron. What's the point? The spot will fade quicker than any. We've had people in the shop get the bottoms of their toes tattoos and they don't last. Any spot where you'll have that much friction and pressure and something pretty much contantly running over the tattoo will just cause it to fade. So it's fuckin pointless. As for having an area on my body that is in contant movement tattooed. I do. I have the inside of my left elbow (which felt lovely let me tell ya) and my knee caps. The inside of my elbow took about 3 weeks to heal to the point of the shiney protein layer. Which is the spot that took the longest on my arm, and it'' no doubt need to be touced up a little bit. But thats no surprise with spots like that. As for the knees (which also felt wonderful), they took about a month or so to heal completely. And now let me break somethinmg down for you. It has nothing to do with placing the ink deep as you said. It has everything to do with placing the ink just deep enough, but not just necessarily deep. When you tattoo deep, that's where you have problems, such as blow outs, which really are worse than not going deep enough and just having it fade. Because you can always return to that area later and do a touh up. But of course every good tattoo artist should know the skin he's working on and not have to eal with many touch ups. But hey, no one is perfect. Not even Paul Booth. And that was cute how you threw in the "while hittin' my girl from behind on the bearskin in front of the fireplace at a hotel in Aspen" Once again you have proven yourself to be the sex machine I thought you were. You are now truelly my idol, and I will rest not a single day till I have a Paul Booth tattoo on my elbow (or some other callus flesh, as you call it, eventhough the elbow isn't callused) and I'm bangin' my ol' lady on a bear skin rug in some resort community somewhere, such as Aspen. You are my hero.
  3. otoam33

    ~Your TaTooZ~

    jesus fuckin christ.. First off, your tattoo isnt as ''random'' or ''original'' as you'd love it to be. The combination of spider webs, straight razors, hearts, stars, and wings are, if anything, ''traditional'' designs. So sorry little buckaroo. You're not as original as you'd love to think you are. Second, if you're tattoo is still healing after six months. There is something seriously wrong. Unless youre just a little confused, and you think it not healed when it is. Because a tattoo should take anywhere from no less than aout one week to three weeks to heal completely. Unless you somehow had your tattoo get infected. Than it could take any amount of time for an infection to be cleared up. So if your tattoo isn't healed up, then my suggestion would be to consult your tattoo artist or a physician. Although a goo tattoo artist will know how to handle it a little better and be able to give you some alternate care instructions. Oh, and this comes from the mouth a tattoo artist. Not just some jackass who doesn't know what the fuck he's talkin' about.
  4. what i always love about seein people like the mac is the fact that there already at a point where they are amazing as is..but its obvious that theyll become an even better writer/artist/anything with time.. i work with an artist here at my shop..what kills me about him is the fact that hes an amazing artist..at 26 he has more skill than most artists two or three times his age..he does these amazing paintings..and he will do nothing but improve with time..his skills are limitless..
  5. otoam33

    EWOK hm

    wow, this is kind of unbeliveable here. alright, maybe i dont completely understand the fine points of a battle. but when did it come down to it just being about having two pieces on a wall, and not worrying about backgrounds or anything else. i mean for anyone, no matter who they are, to come to a wall and do that off the top of the head is pretty amazing. i mean ewok hm, come on, all that kid could muster was a fuckin piece. a nice piece at that, but for me, kind of boring. while ewok .com comes off with this beautiful thing. and some of you kids have the fuckin nerve to call him a fuckin chump, because he came off harder, put more thought into, and just used more of his brain, to out do ewok hm. id love to see some of u fuckin nerds come to a wall, and not only do something like that off the top of your head, but to also pull it off well. im sure most of u would fall short of the mark here. so the way i see it, and its not as if this counts for anything, but i think ewok .com completely shit all over ewok hm. ewok hm is a good writer, but he got completely outdone here. and this is the opinion of a nobody... (so if ewok.com would have just pieced the wall, with no background or anythng, then he wouldve gained more respect?)
  6. oh lordy lord... 'niggas'? you do realize that probably 84% f the people on here are more than likely white kids from the suburbs. so there arent any ''niggas'' here. and that last 16% is probably a combination of ''niggas'' and any other race you wanna throw in there (with of course a 4% +- margn of error). so give yourself yet another pat on the back, ''dawg''
  7. so what exactly what kind of ''graffiti'' belongs on walls or in an art gallery? im confused. what kind of shit is it that belongs on a train? is what they do no ''real'' enough for ya? ive seen countless numbers of styles on trains. some that were amazing and some that were pathetic attempts at anything. so what makes theyre style any less worthy of being on a train? im sure if it were some writer with fame, you'd be slobberin all over their cock. so really all i'm tryin to say here is...why get so down on people, especially some kids who seem to be putting in their work on these trains. this is about fun, not the opions of people over the internet. so give yourself a big pat on the back for bein a dipshit and trying to shit all over people for no real valid reason. and thank you for making me laugh, if not atleast a little bit here. have a lovely day butter cup
  8. otoam33


    jesus fuckin christ. cry me a fuckin river you fuckin pussy. youd dont know shit about how cold a woman can be, not till u have a child and she ignores you. breaking your heart that much more. so save me the fuckin sob stories.
  9. why search the goddamn threads when someone can just tell me. why do u care if its asked once, ten times, or a thousand times. if u know where the answer to my question is then why dont u point me in the right goddamn direction. i get tired of u girls who tell people to go look through the threads. why not lend a fuckin helping hand instead of bein a fuckin schmuck. ''uuuhhhh..that question was answer like 15 times already..pssshhhhaaaa''. do it in a fuckin little teeny bopper pretty girl voice and youll be complete. so either help me or shut your goddamn pie hole sweet cakes.. and have a lovely day (((pinches butt a few times)))
  10. i was wondering if anyone knew of a place to order the name plate belt buckles that you can personalize. i've looked around with no luck. so if someone knows of a place that they can be ordered from id appreciate some help.. thank you
  11. hmm...too bad the singer looks like a boy in drag. blek. bark. yuk. shes definately not a looker. but the bassist, muah, i'd give her a little jewish somethin somethin..tee hee and her voice is not ''fresh'', neither is the video. take your head out of your posterior ansiq. u dont need to act like u like them, because theyre not reading this message from you, thus theyll never be flattered by your comment, and will never like you...
  12. ok, heres the deal. never use saran wrap after the initial first time its put on right after the tattoo was done. if it were dont at all. all saran wrap will do is suffocate the tattoo. u want it to breathe. and like i said before, it just becomes a fuckin bacteria trap if u wrap it again. if u put lotion or some other moisrurizer on the tattoo and then wrap it up then none of it will evaporate. thats yet another reason to not use petroleum products, because they dont evaporate at all. thats why lotions works well. trust me on this. ive seen enough people to know what works for people right now. this guy might not have had any real problems with his technique, but others might. so the simplest care can work the best. and remember, do not saran wrap a second time!!!!
  13. alright cool...i'm just tryin to find a place to order those name belt buckles that you can personalize and what not. so actually if anyone knows where to find them id greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
  14. alright, first off, the main reason not to use a lotion which contains dies or perfumes is because they can cause irritation to the skin. and skin irritation can lead to infection, which in turn can lead to a fucked up tattoo, which might cause ink to fall out. u have an open wound there and u want it to heal properly. dies and lotions can also. sometimes, cause it to sting a little more. secondly, dont listen to these people. A/D, and fuckin petroleum products for that matter, should not be used in the healing process of tattoos. yes, some people say it works. sometimes it does, but sometimes it becomes your enemy, and ill tell u why. u should not use a petroleum based product because, first, petroluem products can suffocate a fresh tattoo that is healing. so many times a tattoo doesn't even need to be covered with anything for it to heal. but thats not all cases. second, when u put petroleum on your arm, being most people just glod it on there, it just becomes a trap for bacteria. and think about this, petroleum is one of the most basic food sources on the planet, thus youre just creating a feeding ground for bacteria, and im sure u dont want that. now do ya?. also a lot of people will use a petroleum based product and then theyll have some piece of clothing toughing it, bad idea. that also is just asking for an infection. and never recover a tattoo. like when they'll cover the tattoo right after its been worked on. its not necessary to recover it, yet another bad move. now heres the care instructions we give out customers here. and the simplest care instructions can work the best. 1. wash your new tattoo gently one hour after completion with hot soap and water. use a good antibacterial soap that has no dies or perfumes in it (liquid dial, provon, etc). be gentle. just work up a nice lather and use your finger tips to work it in. by washing with nice hot water it will bring the blood to the surface and will cause a tattoo to scab up less. 2. wash your tattoo two or three times daily. try not to over wash!! there are a number of people ive met who have had problems with this. overwashing does keep the tattoo cleaner, it just causes irritation. 3. use an alchohal free lotion like provon to lightly moisturize when the tattoo feels tight and dry. some people wont need to use lotion for a few days after the tattoo was worked on, while others wont even need to use lotion at all. a lot of smaller tattoos especially heal well by doing nothing to them other than just cleaning them once or twice a day. but if u do need to use lotion, just use a very light layer, dont over do it. if u put too much lotion on the tattoo it, like the petroleum products, becomes a way for bacteria to get trapped in the tattoo. 4. your tattoo should be completely healed within 3 weeks. warnings: 1. never pick at your healing tattoo. early removal of dead skin may result in loss of color. 2. be careful not to over expose your tattoo to water or moisture. over exposure to wetness will result in irritation, loss of color, and even infection. for the first few weeks u shouldnt take baths, u dont want to submerge your tattoo for long period of time. stick for showers. 3. avoid contact with unclean surfaces like animal hair, furniture, unclean bed sheets, and other like surfaces. i hope this can help ya in some way. if not, then i feel like total schmuck for typin all of this. maybe itll help some other person.
  15. i dont need your stinkin' caps homeboy...but thanks anyway...
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