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  1. it hasnt died in the past 50 years, why would it die now? the mainstream will always need something mindless to keep their minds off of real life, pop does the job.
  2. does anyone know how much all that platinum in their mouthes costs, and where the hell they get that done?
  3. i am also failing the class, that tells you alot about what a hard worker i am...heh.
  4. i walk in and see a wu tang case, for 'the w', i was kinda syched, cuz i have their first two and like them a lot, so i open it up , and it is 'tha block is hot' by lil wayne. i was disapointed, but still kept it, and it is a fun cd to listen to. all they do is talk about the bitches they fuck, and their ice, and the cars they drive. its also wierd that wayne talks about getting head from bitches in alleys and stuff but refuses to swear on the whole thing, except in the song 'fuck tha world' where he says "yo i dont curse, but in this verse, im saying 'fuck tha world'" its dumb that he would bite such a good tupac song name, but its still a wierd and cool cd. ok, thats all i have to say, tell me more about your feelings on the cash money millionares.
  5. i want vivid descriptions of what it is like, and what precautions should be made, to assure that your girl's ass doesnt spontaneously combust.
  6. manowar? this is one of the best threads in a while, its amazing that people still get down so hard despite all the trouble in Ny. good post.
  7. i just remembered that i have some spek/aves/arsen sketches....if you want me to, ill post them if thats ok with their respective owners of course.
  8. my yard rules. we get caught painting by the workers, and they try to get us to work at the yard on the weekends. im not kidding. they told us that if we give them disposable cameras, they will take pictures of dope pieces that pass through, and rare cars. i love my yard.
  9. what about streaking an engine? will that get painted over right away? its not like im gonna, im jsut wondering
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