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  1. he's dope for the most part.....how long ago did he put in his application for MSK?
  2. is this kid BZEE like a fucking retard or something?, is that why nobody ever disses his worthless shit?...he should never write YOU SUCK around any of his shit...the rest of the shit in this post is garbage as well.
  3. people are getting over nowadays with rediculous kindergartener-esque simplicity....thats not a compliment
  4. yeah tell duke and celf to keep painting.... yall graff commentators should just play the sidelines like usual....
  5. fuck the working class? you just offended most of your peers, i hope you were jking... HEY MAYOR CAMPBELL...keep flciking the atlanta shit...i love to see what i'm missing while out of town..peaces
  6. thanks for the OZE. first FREIGHT i've seen from this guy...dope
  7. haha mbers a funny guy huh.... i saw a freight he did with his girlfriend..at least it said "paintin with my girl"....
  8. FRAME TOWN....why you want to see the other JETS out there when you constantly dissed them months back....you're penis food
  9. thats ROVE....nice streaks
  10. fuck...don't blow dicko's spot
  11. your bikes are nice...the hand is what i like to see...nothing to get exited over though...juice did bikes back in 94 but who gives a fuck i'm sure rusto doesn't...yall go draw some trikes and get off his nugget..
  12. i don't dig the ansiq... INK however...nice
  13. could you please flic and post everything you've ever done?...thank you oh so very much
  14. IM me if you wish.... Endtellect-aim
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