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  1. Nice stuff!! Sur5l--I'm trying to IM you but it says you can't receive IMs. Send me your email and I'll contact you there.
  2. Hey Sur5l! This is Okra, I'm back in the STL...pm me, or email or phone if you still have my contact infos! Laters
  3. I could count the number of "Things/People I don't like" and "Things/People I hate" threads on all my 378 fingers. Gets tiring... But I don't like Bush.
  4. Man, for a second I thought the LD's had entered Channel Zero..hahaha. :lol: :lol:
  5. Tofu

    wisdom teeth

    What they did for me was rip out the teeth whose places the wisdom teeth would be moving into when they did emerge, so now I have the widom teeth back there... but the ones on top were barely coming through the gums. what they did was give me lots of nitrous, (while i listened to 311 the whole time on discman, it was great) give me local anesthetic in the back of the mouth for the needles for the real anesthetic, then stabbed me a couple of times with those and went hammering away at my molars and ripping out the chunks with their pliers while I giggled and kept imagining riding the roller coaster at Uncle Cliff's in Albuqerque while blood gushed into my mouth and was being sucked out with a tube but not too fast. but i got some medicine, and that medicine sure made me fee gooood!!! Some kind of painkiller, I didn't know, I was Straight Edge!! hahaha. But I couldn't spit for two weeks because the spitting action caused certain muscles in the back of the mouth to contract which just opened right up the incisions where they'd cut but put the self-dissolving stitches. A couple times I forgot, and blood would be pouring from my mouth, but the extreme pain taught me pretty fast :) Have fun! :scramble:
  6. Our scores I guess could be interpreted that we're not as in tune with the opposite sex.
  7. But Yeah, Vanity mang, that shit's lame--tons of Asian girls at a poetry reading?!!!! Damn. If I was manic I would mack on all of them!! Yeah!! Otherwise I wouldn't go anyway. Hahaha, I guess this could be considered a useless post. But yeah. :confused:
  8. Fuck Easy Mac and making shitty jokes on 12oz...both taste like shit. :scramble:
  9. I got 62.78. MA-CHO MA-CHO MA(MACHO MACHO)N. :o
  10. Tofu


    I think both those girls are beautiful... :love2:
  11. Oh yeah, on the subject, that story is scary/hilarious...friday sucked bad, i worked 12-8 in a damn mall store on "Black Friday" :eek: The amount of customers was absolutely insane.
  12. Those fuckheads charged me 270 bucks for 2 rusto cans... anyway, what i want to do is go there (even though i'm banned for life, Ohhhh no, i didn't plan on buying anything from them anyway) and just fill up a cart with little random specialty items from all over the store and just leave the cart in a random location. I plan to do this many times in the course of an undetermined length of time lying before me. FUCK SAM WALTON!! :lol:
  13. This person sounds especially mentally sound.
  14. "I was just wondering.....well, actually I'm always wondering...and wandering, wandering while I'm wondering, pondering why I'm wandering wanting a wedding ring and a rooty toot ring ding sugar sling thing, wandering, meandering, zig zagging, diverging, forking, detouring through my wondering mind thing, preceding my teetering tottering loitering by the clamoring, clattering, ear shattering phone booth, talking, gossiping, prattling and tattling on a discoursing debating palavering sauntering blundering of a mattering literary scattering, foddering my inane wondering of wandering, reflecting, deliberating, cogitating, studying, cerebrating the dating of mental entertaining, and now I'm explaining the raving driveling of a brain that's sniveling maddening, jetting, squirting, spouting, splashing, rushing, gushing, sluicing, juicing, rambling delirium..........ummmmmmmmm forget it." (by anonymous, http://www.pendulum.org) here's to wondering...
  15. Ummm...let it die?! What do you mean? I'll wait awhile and check it out, thanks.
  16. Neither link works for me. And I'd like to see some pictures of a hot girl...
  17. Right, only grandmas experience pain severe enough to necessitate strong pain medication...:rolleyes: We're sure not leading the way, it's way easier for people to get the medication they need (or want) in most other countries.
  18. This made me laugh like a madman. :lol: :scramble:
  19. Would you really? Hahaha... *says whoa and backs away from the computer* I don't know what "act like you know" means...I wouldn't bother battling you again...it's like I'm battling one person for each one of your letters. GENERIC. :lol: Pretend you know, --Okra :spin:
  20. When you said you wanted to battle it was in the one-liner thread. Anyway, yours is well-executed...you didn't color outside the lines or anything! I like the 'B' and the way the 'I' comes out of it, that's rad...but overall the piece is garbage...the kind of thing you see and get confused with all the other pieces that looked just like it. Maybe try a one-liner? Search art crimes, I'm sure you can find all the letters ready for you to print out and trace. Love, Okra p.s. there's that god-awful E again....:confused:
  21. http://www.you-are-a-huge-nerd.com/public/freepix/letter_e.JPG'>
  22. Clue Two vs. Tofu, oneliners--word ZOMBIE Here's mine. Damn, zombie movies are the best... http://www.you-are-a-huge-nerd.com/public/freepix/zombie.JPG'>
  23. Do you want to just draw the pieces with ghostfills or with colors?"
  24. hahaha, this is fun as hell :D man, zombies are the shit...zombie movies. i love 'em.
  25. hahahahaha that las comment was pretty funny, clue... :lol:
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