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  1. Yuppies make the world go round. WASPS forever!
  2. "i'm a street genius with a unique penis. got girls on my dick that don't even speak english" BIG L! RIP. nise cense. phila.
  3. pores. goner. dixie heart crew. bump for turfhogs
  4. the goner. . .sucks. terrible human being. saw him kick a puppy the other day. plus i heard his mom is a bitch cause she took his pot plants. sorry dude you'll get em back. pores, mover . . .rule it
  5. I fucking drank one of those! if by water you mean PISS. then yes its a "water bottle" FUCK THAT! TAKE THEM OUT OF THE REFRIGERATOR!
  6. i say you wait a couple weeks and break back into dudes car, so you can get the rest of the money. The 05 mixer ain't nothint to fuck with, if dude would have spilled beer on my 05, i wouldnt have waited to see what happend, i would have been on dude, givin him a bloody nose. I dont fuck with those 4 channel mixers, too many buttons. but if that is your steezy and you can't wait to get another mixer. probably your best bet. unless you can find some chode with a dope mixer that doesnt know what he's doing and can get it for 200 (i got my m44-7's for free...holla) i say hit that janks up. KEEP THE SCEENE ALIVE!!!!! im so gay.
  7. dude looks like he's about to get crunk on you and col' jack your shit. look at that mean look on his face. That shirt looks like a DJ honda shirt...maybe dude knows something we don't.
  8. thats a good idea of flicking the TYME car. i like him, he is good veeaye 02
  9. you all think that those ear pieces for cell phones are playa....you are sorely mistaken...im the "playa" of the year...gonna be on the next pimps up ho's down http://www.pibmug.org/files/hands-free.jpg'> BOOYAH
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