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  1. that penis is hilarious, i love the fill
  2. terry titfuck!!!!!! that guy is so good he made me cum blood.
  3. god knows im the king of the winter hibernation, enjoy yourself buddy, have a good time.
  4. i have no problem with seeking, we share tips on how to pick up emo chicks.
  5. wawawa can you pllllleeeeaaaassssee post some more eros, his shit is ridiculous
  6. hey seeking innocence, i remember that reply, remember after you wrote it you told someone to email you, and i accidently thought you were talking to me, so i emailed you and i looked like a huge ass.........
  7. amen siamese dream is really good but for some reason ive been listening tons to nirvana unplugged lately.
  8. truth If your boyfriend is who i think he is, he is the emo king, he likes making out with girls to dashboard confessional.....hahahaha
  9. fuck i wouldve loved if they showed degrassi in my school, us canadians had to whatch it on our own time
  10. dude i cant believe you remember that one, thats the one where joey borrows that kids denim coat for his class picture, and when joey goes to borrow it the kids dad beats the crap out of him......a funny thing about that one is im related to the actor who played the abusive dad, hahahaha..... in regards to the saved by the bell comment, there not really that similar, see saved by the bell was really campy cheesy humour, where as degrassi is more melo-dramatic......for example in the first new degrassi emma almost gets raped and killed by a pedophile, you would never see something like tha
  11. no raditch didnt end up catching her, but that bitchy chick with the blonde hair ended up stealing her boyfriend, it was awesome, and those two kids looking at internet porno got busted by there parents.
  12. hey I thought i would extend an a question to the fellow canadians on this site and ask what they think of the new degrassi? I admit myself nothing in this world could ever replace the last degrassi but I personally think that if we give it some time we can appreciate emma and the new gang as well......did anyone see the one where the fat chick got drunk and went to the dance, that was great!!!!
  13. truth if you were in toronto what fruits were wearing bandanas? all the best hardcore bands aren't straight edge........when God below played they were chugging beer on stage between songs, I've gone a bunch of places and seen shows alot of places and toronto is a pretty chill scene, definetly alot better than other places, plus a band called the abandoned hearts club are from toronto and there going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread in the hardcore scene soon......remember this post in a year.
  14. those are some truly incredible memories, i wouldve died to see inside out. I have a video of there last show but its not the same at all
  15. truth yo dawg, im representing cs as well dawg, blooka blooka, actually its probably the nerdiest major in the world
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