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  1. spotted this week: erupto kwaze super/melo coupe e2e almost tyke sigh felon throwies a bunch of tags
  2. i'm down how's you're tuesday looking?
  3. my buddy ran a state away once cuz he was on house arrest for 4 years. he was cool for a year but then the fbi tracked him, and he went to jail, but only got 3 months added time and -this is the best part- the time he spent on the run was counted as time served so he did 3 years and got out.
  4. 1. where were you born? the chi-tilla 2.whats your favorite animal?can be imaginary a clavius 3.why would you pick that animal? why not you stupid ass? 4.why didnt you pick the cow? why must you answer my questions with questions? 5.ever been to Disney Land? the one in LA 6.if so whats your favorite ride? if not you're just a loser. easily the mannerhorn 7.whats your favorite color? clear 8.has your words been posted up as a quote in homosexual undertones? "has your words been posted up as a quote in homosexual undertones?" 9.did your parents get divorced?"age if so"and who do or did you live with? i was born without parents immaculatly 10.whats your favorite thing to eat? human flesh 11.whats your fetish? disease 12.do you smoke ganja/bud/marijuana or hash?"add other drugs if you do them" CRACK 13.who's your favorite 12oz member? no one 14.how happy are you? it depends on if i'm listening to an idiot speak or not 15.what kind of music are you really into? rap and.... murder rap, you know like brotha lynch, or raided x 16.do you have a car? i have buggy powered by my own sense of self-worth 17.whats your "other" hobbie? what do you mean other? are you crazy?? 18.are you a racist? yes i hate all races equally 19.do you believe in God or something with more brains than you to create this universe? yes i believe in myself 20.why do you come to 12oz and whats your fav place to go in 12oz.? to observe and laugh quietly to myself
  5. i got time to kill... you know how slow the legal system works here in the good old u.s. of a
  6. i just felt bad because this was the absolute LAST thread on the list. and..... drum n bass is gay.
  7. i just felt bad because nobody responded to this.
  8. last week i ate a piece of chicken but it tasted..... different
  9. i'd like to hear any stories or opinions on dipping out of jail time. i'm looking at 2-3 years in prison and i'm about to talk to my man and get a fake social security card so i can work and dip out to the southwest. any success/failure stories. this is a big decision either way for me.
  10. i just violated probation for the same graff charges. repeat offender lookin at 2 years for graff, and you don't hear me cryin. you know why? VIVA LA MEXICO!!!!
  11. ohmy god you're all pussies except for old boy who started the thread. every 16 year old bitch fucks 18-19 year niggas, that's how they learn how to fuck! when you were 16 and in highschool, admit it, you ws gettin pissed at all the cute 16 year olds in your class gettin gobbled up by those "older kids". it's the cycle of life. you're doing her a favor and if you teach her something, you're doing her future man a favor too. get you're rocks off son.
  12. do you guys honestly think anything can fuck with THE BEARS? after our defense is done turning your oline, recievers, backs, and qb's to pudding, a-train will stick a foot in all your weak linebackers face and marty booker, robinson, terrell, and white will burn all your db's till they puke from exhaustion
  13. there's nothing wrong with getting a laugh out of women demeaning themselves in horrible ways. i think its healthy. you never laughed at a bitch while you popped one off in her eye? good times...
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