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  1. hmm the M stands for MOB, you dumb fuq
  2. sorry but most of this stuff is may toy ;X ------------------ i hold it down like pissing with morning wood..
  3. wow i like that whole space theme.. planets, galaxies, planetary nebulas, black hole even.. that's coo cuz im an astronomy dork.. ------------------ i hold it down like pissing with morning wood..
  4. 100% pure ugly :lol i love it.. rest in peace
  5. yo man la barca rocks harder than this.. truly this is not a fair post.. hopefully my cousin [who lives in Barcelona] can hook me up with some graff flicks, he just doesnt have a scanner so he might mail them to me.. peaceout*
  6. niceness.. i just wish the photos were larger and better resolution..
  7. man its funny how much of an old skool style the Europeans bring to the table.. i love it!!!!
  8. sickness.. that revok is just beyond words..
  9. sorry but i gotta say this.. "pretty good for a girl" lol
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