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  1. modern ep ta


    yo when......met.. dezn, yo someone e-mail me and hit me up with some free porno passwords..yo desn i know you got good hook-ups get at me...ta
  2. well after living in ct. for a couple months now i realize how many writers bite ewok.com and how many writers bite fx and ces. its all kinda funny to me. the only kids i see painting in conn. and holding it down behind the scenes where graff is in my book. but GET ABIS EST INK CREATE AND ISOR. and thats about it........oh seriously terrible scene here! and don't start fronting on me. i'm here i know i'm living it, thats how it is. oh and the few occasional latino gang toys ...POOK fuck off
  3. yo i was there, post my shit homie:! the green one! oh and that what got gone over already haha legals? who needs em'
  4. yeah me two. two thumbs up!
  5. is it me or is that first flik, quite the nace bite.? 1. the fill 2. everything else
  6. theres not any structure to this, i think dude is a little in over his head, and not very clean.....kinda typical these days! its not clean or lts haha better luck next time�
  7. well its nice to see that everyone on this post is a fuckin fag!
  8. fools this is dope shit, sloppy, prolly just shitty paint, and there mostly all out illegal pieces, you got 10 minutes or so to do the shit, being sloppy is the last thing on dudes mine. all of fuckin a2m is sloppy as fuck and you dumb fucks alll jock the shit out of those guys... fuck off 12 oz fools!!!!!!
  9. DEWEY,,, come on now. naw homes i'm in conn. and its boring........ hit me up jamma, i want that shit! someone from conn hit me up too, i'm fuckin bored
  10. yo nice post homie..... modern....bored
  11. hey when.... i'm bored.....that rapes is fresh. the first character isn't scribe.. rapes did that shit man... props to big raper seeeeeoooonnnneeeeeee!!!!!!
  12. fuck below the belt that shits funny as hell............ PROPS... a little played out but funny. you all some fags. its funny come on.....
  13. WHO IS PAINT MAN. I HOPE IT AIN'T WHO STAYED AT MY HOUSE DURING SCRIBBLE WHICH I THINK IT IS.........thats fucked up cuz he didn't say shit in person.................actually i don't think he even said anything!
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