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  1. loving he sensation of being in danger i tried to get my foot intentionally stuck in the railroad track then a train started coming so I thought well i better move and try this again later, there might be something worth looking at on this line. I casually steped away from the track but my foot caught on something. i smiled pulled it free and went home.
  2. its a group, its a crew, its a gang, its alive. prepare to see a lot of it.
  3. Im the loving plague....no im more of an asshole.
  4. you see this urine. thats my undoing my helping posting his shit. now look what you did, you undermined the protection of wackness for this board. im so drunk
  5. got a house in rosarito. yeah and ocasionally strip joints. you know how it is.
  6. Alright, I've been a part of this too long. If you want your pictures up do it yourself.
  7. apparently you are new. that's ok, for future reference. I HATE EVERYONE.
  8. fuck yeah. I used to see that first one going home from tj all the time. never flicked it though. You guys have got some skill. i miss home. 619.760.
  9. i wasted my time to help post that? learn how to crop scans. then get more style. someone kill me.
  10. fuck that. [This message has been edited by p l a g u e (edited 06-14-2001).]
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