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  1. Joker


    Ah... though it does look like a mullet, I must confess that it's actually one of those stupid 555Soul hats that tied at the top. (That someone convinced me were so cool that I must own one.) And my long, well shoulder length, hair pulled back and falling out from under it. In that photo I'm more ashamed of the shoes I'm wearing... Nike... than the stupid hat. Ofcourse, that piece lasted about 15 hours before Cycle went over it.
  2. Bode wasn't a writer. He was a cartoonist who inspired writers to put his characters in to their own paintings under the writers own situations. That is a far cry from using a writers ideas for a writers own benefits. In Rust's case, the only thing I see as biten are his name and those faces. The faces are obviously influenced by Twists own efforts to be original. And the name has been in use for over ten years by another. Just another case of someone who has been influenced, not inspired... ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  3. Joker


    Sorry boys, but I've never had a mullet. I would easily admit it if I had. I've had way more frieghtning haircuts than a mullet. Though I'm curious what photo El Masko is talking about... post it. ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  4. Whoever it is needs to change his name. Because that's just wrong... There's already been a Rust for many years now. I still like the bikes though. And yeah, Juice did rock bikes but thy weren't the same.
  5. Joker


    Freddy, thanks for editing that article. I emailed Seeking to do it but you beat him to it. People, please don't air gossip or personal info on the boards. Try to keep it to the work being produced... like Ewok said. I saw Sime's work a few years ago for the first time and was amazed. Actually, all the .com guys have great style but I think Sime is the most slept on. He deserves more credit if you ask me. ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  6. I like the bicycles... they make me smile. ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  7. Joker

    new blackbook

    You must be fuckin' original as hell to talk shit on somone like JetsAMF... ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  8. Joker


    Ksyriums are a bit pricey, but oh so nice. My main goal right now is to get better and get back to training on the road so I can get a few races in before the season is over. I don't think I'll drop any money in to my Pista this year. Although a new rear hub sounds like a good plan. The one that came stock on the bike is shit. Any advice on a good fixed hub? Campagnola Record?
  9. Amazing... abso-fucking-lutely amazing. ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  10. Joker


    As a road race junkie, I bought a Pista to clean up my pedaling mechanics and work my endurance more on the hills. And let me tell ya... after just two days of training in the hills on a fixed gear... I was a machine when I got on my road bike. I also started racing at a Veledrome here in Portland. And the speed is amazing. Unfortunately for me, I wrecked two days ago and broke my collar bone. Sprained my wrist. Folded my back wheel. And destroyed my helmet. Now I'm out of commission for at least a month. I'll still train on my track stand though. All in all... I have nothing but good things to say about fixed gear bikes. I just need a new wheel... ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  11. Unfortunately, this has become a place for shit talking. Not for information or the sharing of images like it was intended. And most of us just don't care to deal with snot nosed, pimply faced brats with no clue. The ultimte 12oz trend... hiding behind a screen name. ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  12. Joker

    aphex twin

    See... I feel like I'm slippin' now. It's a good thing I got paid today... Nah. Haven't heard any of that Kid606 or any of that other stuff. Didn't know nothing about no aliases. I had no idea Autechre had a new album. See what happens when you submerge yourself in to your home, and don't go out except to ride your bike? You get caught slippin'... ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  13. Joker

    aphex twin

    You're right... it is a rastor music CD. I could have sworn there was no text on this thing when I bought it. But... there it is. Real little though. I guess it's one of twelve releases. Now how in the hell am I going to get all twelve? Knowing that there are other writers out there who listen to the same stuff I do is refreshing. It had me pulling out CD's last night that I hadn't listened to for years. Bands like Ruins, Vidna Obmana and another underated old band... ClockDVA. I even found this fabric cover caseing for a Spybey:Theriault collaboration CD that is also pretty damn good. Some of this stuff I haven't played for a few years. Now It's resparking my interest. Unfortunately, I have things on LP also, but don't own a record player. Never have. I bought them at a time when I had a room mate who did own a player. Some old NON stuff... Sixth Comm, Christian Death, Death in June, Joy Division and my prized collection of Kraftwerk vinyl. Something no electronic kid should be without. Brown... I'd be down to trade a package of toons anytime. You probably have everything I do though. ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  14. Joker

    aphex twin

    Yeah, he's definitely ahead of his time. Much in the same way Kraftwerk were in the mid-seventies. I couldn't imagine creating music like that. I know it inspires me often in what I create though. I had the chance to see Autechre last week and I forgot about the show till a few days later. Talk about pissed. They have to be my favorite band right now. U-ziq are also pretty good. I have a few ep's from them and listen to them often. The first few Oval CD's are really good if you get the chance to get a listen. I recently picked up a CD that was in a clear round flimsy case, with no text on it. And no text on the CD. But the music is so good. I just wish I knew who the hell it was. I also have a poo load of Merzbow stuff and other like_minded artists. From noise to electronic. I can listen to it for hours and get so inspired. Just the soundscapes can be so amazing... Yeah, I like abstract electronica... can you tell? ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
  15. I'm a little concerned about why you kids are even looking this shit up... ------------------ jokerihubaTranscend
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