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  1. good lord, amen to all that.
  2. i'm sorry, i think there is some confusion here. it appears as though you guys think i'm some depressed writer ready to throw his graffiti career down the tubes while he ends it all in front of a speeding freight train. nothing could be further from the truth. first of all, there is no graffiti career to speak of. i think that's fucking retarded, personally (hats off no doubt to the very few who make a living off of their skills). As much as I enjoy graffiti, i could care less about it in the end, because i don't even consider it that, its just its own thing...kinda hard to label with one wo
  3. there is graffiti in Tampa ? Damn, my sister lives there and I've been plenty of times and the only graff I've seen was in the projects and it consisted of "Lil' Mac, or P.Boy loves Shaneequa, or North Blvd.Crips" Not exactly what i'd be looking for, but cool nonetheless. I haven't peeped the yards down there, but i'm sure they got a couple little layups and shit that are worth the wait. All I can say for sure is, do not get caught in a yard that borders the ghetto in Tampa, that shit is a rough deal from what I understand.
  4. raildeviant

    Spotted 37

    Beast.....any flix of that Porn from 93' as well as the HM e2e ????You know why I'm asking.
  5. You know it turd huffer......i like to "hit dem trains"....mostly momma's booty train. on a brighter note......we rocked the 4 burner wholecar we had been putting off forever.....oofah@! another eyesore for you to look at.
  6. Those cars are like a fucking paint magnet. They get hit up more than your mom within half an hour of leaving the house. The left panel is a gift from the gods, not one information mark on the entire side....the best part of it all though is walking through those bad sections of town on the way to the yard that they store em all....scary. this is too much.
  7. I'm lucky enough to have met a lot of super cool cats throughout my time in this graffiti game. I'm also surrounded by a crew of very skilled and very positive writers, more than that, friends..... I just don't understand why some writers make a big fucking deal about what they do, who they are and where they are going with it...I just wanna grab their skull and shake the shit out of it and tell them to get over it....we haven't started a revolution, haven't saved the world from the forthcoming extermination of it all.....haven't even helped an old lady cross the street. It's incredible
  8. Of course we all love what we do in some form or other...but seriously, don't you guys get sick of all this shit ? All the crap we have to put up with, all the drama that everyone bitches about, all the times that could have been spent in the bar instead of the yard (this does not apply to Xide, who brings his OWN bar with him when he hits the yard!!). I'm just really tired of all the crap I hear out of people's mouths about graffiti....can't everyone just shut the fuck up and enjoy it ? Seriously, I cannot for the life of me understand why so many writers take themselves and what they do
  9. isn't that what graffiti is all about.....american cheese ?
  10. raildeviant

    Spotted 37

    Yes, who were those other cats ? was it on a Southern extendo brown slick...because if so then it wasn't ansiq or mpowr on that fr8....curious....
  11. It seems they picked up where duro3 left off by producing yet another magazine full of their crewmates and close associates...i'm not at all surprised, but again, with all the flicks they have received, everyone up here knows they could do a lot better...but the politics of gay-ass graffiti roll on.....on a brighter note, those of us who don't really have time to give more than half a fuck could care less because ...... its all about the action, and not the crowd's satisfaction !!
  12. Alright children...enough! On a brighter note, Under Pressure sucks.....they need to learn some layout skills and for all the flicks that I KNOW THEY HAVE RECEIVED, they print a lot of bullshit, waste a lot of space and generally don't know their asses from their elbows when it comes to a magazine........i could go on for days....you want a good magazine ??? MAKE IT YOURSELF !!!
  13. Its all about the good with the bad. I think anyone who creates is their own worst critic, so it is to be expected that 99% of one's work will appear busted to them, even if the majority of the viewing public thinks it looks great. I know the first thing I notice when I get flicks back of my work are the mistakes....beyond that, I have a hard time finding anything good in them since my mind has already been corrupted by that one little flaw or mistake. I have literally laughed off tons of my own "good" burners simply because I cannot see beyond the fuckups...but I also don't sweat it too much
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