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  1. that diego is too hot to handle. the seaz, lewis and worms aren't too shabby either.
  2. rip. I'll try to get a flick of an espo memorial truck for fred.
  3. yeah bobby digital... coming through with a post full of snazzy bells and whistles. Get in touch, I still need someone to show me around.
  4. eros

    Joe Strummer RIP

    anyone who has heard his newer recordings, knows that joe strummer was a man who was by no means finished with his role here. Rest in peace.
  5. rate is so fucking fresh... the aztek and kadism aren't to shabby either.
  6. rate, bhoper, swoon, yors... all slammin. If some one can help me figure out how to get the image location for photos on macs, than I will add some photos that fit with the overall feel of the thread.
  7. eros


    big bump for joker's gallery work. I hadn't realized that you were designing for burton's new line... very fresh.
  8. nice photos... was that first photo taken at a halloween party on spencer ave? If it was, I was there.
  9. bump for one of my all around favorite writers
  10. eros


    bump for that last ouja
  11. eros


    There are too many high quality pieces in here for me to pick out individual stand outs.... all around great work... extremely inspirational.
  12. jedi, you know me from Oneonta. Send me an email at samsoup@yahoo.com . I am living near your home.
  13. eros


    good lord, the new work is great. Please don't stop posting your flix. thanks
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