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  1. Kettie

    I am a BITER

    boondock saints hell ya
  2. must surf more... there was the mom (music for our mother ocean) compilation. you could grab the blue crush sound track, but skip the movie, though the girlies were hot there was too much bull shit and not enough pipes.
  3. Kettie


    i wish i had an internet fling, wait a minute no i dont, my boyfriend fucks me better then the aim dings
  4. Kettie

    Chinese Takeout

    haha why are there hello kitty vibrators
  5. drink less paint more its better when your sober
  6. congratulations thats either really cool or scary
  7. yeah, flutie and that hail mary back at Boston College... scoring all the time with the big passes, he sucks...
  8. Kettie


    rather school then work
  9. 12 years of gymnastics worked for me
  10. Kettie


    Yay!!!! lets flaunt our sexual insecurities and bash homosexuals!!!
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