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  1. Con


    Arek, Eli & Super
  2. I always wondered what happened to that Halloween car. Never got decent shots.
  3. Con

    Wash DC

    Whoa, great to see this pop up again. This was from a wild night painting with Big5 in our Compton spot in LA in 97-98. RIP Bill.
  4. Con

    Wash DC

    Those files don't need to be up in this silliness.
  5. Con


    Whoa! Nice surprise.
  6. Con

    Wash DC

    Heard from neighborhood sources that RCC (Rock Creek Church crew) has put a green light out on graff writers in Petworth. They are really looking for Beks and Nero, sounded like for possibly hitting someones house in their crew? I'm getting this second hand, but I have seen them cross out everybody near Georgia and New Hampshire. Be careful out there.
  7. Con

    Wash DC

    you mad, thanks for that post! Damn, I wonder what the year is on that Sope & Felon car?! Rest in peace Bill. What a catch! I miss the yearly High Christmas e2es. Cringing at the Freight Club piece, but I wonder why they buffed just the beer bar red? Weird.
  8. Con


    Nice picture of the inner harbor. Let's see the good ones of Baltimore.
  9. Good to meet you and Scribe down there. The wall turned out super nice.
  10. Con


    I miss that shirt.
  11. Con


    This is too funny, great job guys! That Supa tag is 93' til infinity.
  12. Con


    Holy. Shit. I have to hook this guy up with original flicks. Even though they were bad night time shots, it's the least I can do.
  13. Got a copy of an old sketch to do in DC soon. RIP, never forget.
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