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  1. mobius


    yes it evidence. and dont say shit
  2. mobius

    Gay writers?

    I love hot bi chicks. And I could care less what the fuck you do. period
  3. tooth paste-jail... I know there are more of you still want to hit an eleplant
  4. mobius

    Fuck Kings

    **sniff sniff** hating
  5. a good racker never gets carded
  6. mobius


    how many copies (% wise) would get racked? *next poll*
  7. mobius

    why graff???

    I have tried to quit... but it never works
  8. paint the biter when the situation arises. nothing goes bette with his pepe's than a fresh coat of jungle green
  9. mobius

    dress code...

    when I get my power ranger suit, its on like donkey kong
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