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  1. I know Kose had everything locked, that's why I had so much respect for the guy. The guy was extremely dedicated. My only problem is what he's doing now as far as picking his associates. I think it's a big mistake because now you've got guys who never bomb outside of their neighborhood writing 640HTF (in their hood only still)... And these kids are having big egos now because of it, they think they got into HTF because of their skill or dedication, which they have none of.
  2. Re: Re: HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN... i'm just trying to let people know what's going on before they go and defend Kose HTF. i speak the truth. believe me, i once had a ton of respect for kose myself, but it seems like the guy is hurting to get his crew up again. there's no way i can have as much respect for him anymore after letting those shit-talking, rumor starting bitches in his crew and in Ceaves crew. if this was 94, and kose was still in his prime, there's no way these kids would be let into htf...
  3. HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN... This Koze blows the Bay Area Kose out of the water as far as style, that's for sure. No competition there. Speaking of Kose, do any of you Bay Area heads know about the "NEW HTF" that Kose is forming. I'm serious. It consists of Kozer, Dosk, Yoder, Blobs, Sapo, Minor, Thug and a bunch of other pussy ass bitches that nobody has EVER heard of that don't get up and aren't worth a dime. I hate giving those idiots any amount of fame by muttering their names, but it's not like any of you are going to remember their names cause these fakes don't really writ
  4. Nice way to avoid the points I made. Either America attacks Iraqi forces or risks getting attacked by them. Being that I'm in America, along with all of my family and friends, I am totally against any attacks in the country I'm living in. ARCEL, do you find it ironic that you are against a war in Iraq, yet you hope a fellow American starves to death? SMART, you're STILL a dick. And a fucking toy.
  5. You anti-war Berkeley-type fucks need to move your ass out of the US and into Yemen or something. Let's see, we have a country led by a militant leader who has spent the last few decades learning about weapons of mass destruction, who also publically thanked god for the September 11th attacks. They are a country whose leaders and armies have persistently threatened and harmed countries that the US has policies to protect. A country who's government has close ties to groups involved with international terrorism. A country that is basically a threat to our national security. A country t
  6. puro NORTE puto -=XIV=- ?Y-Que? Red rags do or die... Scraps better run and hide Hardcore http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00261441f00000008.jpg'>
  7. I'm in the bay area so it's really not bad at all compared to most states, but I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, because when Winter comes around I feel more depressed and anxious.
  8. Well, I wake up at about 8:00am, quite a contrast to my usual 2:00pm wake up time. I'm cast as an extra in a movie being filmed in the bay area. I'm going to be a prisoner inmate! I always thought it would be cool to be one of those thugs in the background of movies like Blood In Blood Out, American Me, etc. So anyway, I'm actually excited, regardless of my 5 hours of sleep and no breakfast. I have to take my mothers piece of shit Mitsubishi. This thing has spider webs built up on it. I won't really describe it too much, but the thing is an undeniable piece of shit. It's got one of tho
  9. BizOne

    big clit

    I hate to burst your bubble kids, but the large thing your looking at is her labia (lips), not her clit. Either way it's disgusting and hopefully not real.
  10. Okay, now some of you guys are contradicting yourselves... First you basically told Agent Apple "so what about the 4 year old who died in the plane because thousands of Iraqi's have died of starvation." Now you're saying you do in fact have compation for everyone who has died because we're all human. Well great, you should feel that way. In fact, making that statement makes your whole argument bullshit. You're trying to get on people for having compassion for the events that happened. You hate the fact that so many people are sentimental to the murdered victims of those plane crashes.
  11. You've seriously got to be fucked in your head. Like Agent Apple said, how can you have compassion about the death of third-world civillians who are dying of starvation and not have compassion for the MURDER of all the civillians who lost their lives on September 11th? Is it sad that thousands of Iraqi people died of starvation? Yes. People die of starvation in America too! But where does that give them a right to murder thousands of Americans? I'll tell you what, you fly your ass out to Iraq as an AMERICAN and go feed some of them. Then you can come back and bitch about how eve
  12. **Don't come out with some pussy ass shit like "shit i'd rather be dead than crippled" cause fuck it, live by it if it happens.** Don't put words in my mouth. I'll be back tomorrow with a response. Right now I gotta get to bed.
  13. I swear, some of you people are a bunch of bitches. Why are you so sympathetic to the disabled? Are you that afraid of karma? Does your wheelchair bound grandmother make you cry? Look, I'm not saying losing the ability to walk or missing a leg is good, but I'm just saying they don't deserve special parking priveledges. If you're grandfather can't easily get in and out of the car, FUCK HIM. Leave his crippled as at the house. There's no good reason to wheel him around K-Mart. Besides, if you need extra room park your ass in the back where there is plenty of space. Like
  14. Mostly Portuguese & Mexican + a little bit of this and that including Native American, Norwegian and some other crap...
  15. Real Handicapped People Can't Drive: It's strange but true. Look for a website and more propaganda in the near future. Handicapped people don't deserve special parking priveledges! If you're able to drive and move your ass around the store you're healthy enough to find parking like everyone else! Check out the link! http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=r...=true&x=21&y=16
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