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  1. always on point with the quality fliks. well done. and thanks for sharing.
  2. -Learn SRY -Aroe, Heroin CP -Dove, Fear MRL -Stelth, Ksoe, Hype SOO hopper -Resone IC waffle -Tars CNA -Sight, Kwest CP flat -Akews, Setone CPAA flat -River, Buik CP flat -Zoueh BNSF -Aels, Durt RBOX
  3. -?, ?, Sekt NS -Jaber CRDX hopper -Meter, Each2 gondola -Sight, Tusk CPAA flat -Mazer, Minus2 CP -Arek, Mear iC -Hour, Gasp auotrack -Dkal big roller autorack -Teks, OZe108 autoracj -Eclipse, Dyme autorack -Sectr, Sight CP e2e -Enok RBOX
  4. - Rove SOO - Zer, Kome autorack - Aura Autorack - Sane 98 WC - Mylk MP -Apok CP - Char, Gums IC waffle -Ricks, ?, Deas IC waffle - Zion GVSR - TSF by Stae - Ketch, Jame, Ugly, Apes and others autorack e2e - Enue, Deja CP - Ridl, Spend CP flat - Pzes CP flat - Cemz AEX hopper - Skow, Sniper CP
  5. Classico: I know you got more then just reefers! But I like them reefers. You're making me jealous.
  6. Rocked wheaties, a nothern specialty.
  7. A few boxcars to start things off....
  8. -Lost NOKL -Myles CP hopper -Smak wholecar CN -Benone, Ez -Shor IC -Thuh, Each2 CP gondola -Mare, Imdead wheatie -Samo, Hesk wheatie -Cease, Baron CP -Zink -Knows, King157, Maya, Neon autorack
  9. this year on the regular in my neck of the woods I saw ... Gime, Prae, Kwest, Sigh
  10. Sebo Daya? Mpulse TFL Pier High 21rak Evil13 Broke
  11. Dept Morgan Fern, ? Harsh Destn Kaput Dreos Heroin, Atak, Show, Gain
  12. -Learn ATW -Zero, Dreos 99 Golden West stamped SSW -Zroe, Kiro Golden West stamped SP -Size 2000, TFL by Drane 96 GVSR flat -Gates, Dime ATSF -Geso CP -Vizie, Lewis CP -Bone, Rove, Each2 CPAA flat -Oze108 CPflat -Kaput CPAA flat -Fern, ? CP -Sigh CSXT waffle -Land CP -Heroin, Atak, Skow, Gain CP flat -Kerse CP flat -Reep Char CPAA -Days, Sekt CP flat
  13. It is mostly comments from a variety of Vancouver writers. It just looks at why people do graffiti and also what the city does to try and prevent it. Not much live action but they got Virus painting a sick wall for the video.
  14. Always a high quality post. I caught that mako, repay and others on a autorack about a week ago. NIce to see.
  15. Johnny....I offered them that voyeur footage I've been hording but they didn't put any of it in!! I guess I'm going to just have to team up with you and put that one out.
  16. [ Quoted post is this gonna be like 99.9% of ever other video... Only featuring the makers of the vidoes friends.. Quoted post Well if they ain't your friends then I doubt they'll let ya video tape them.
  17. Here is a website for an all freight DVD dropping in the new year. www.railsidefilms.com Check the trailer!
  18. -Harsh, Destn GVSR -Vatoe, Mpulse WP -Worm, Erupto, Broke, Lewis WLO -Erupto CVC flat 98 -High, Globe CP -Mead CPAA -21rak, Evil WC flat -Deas WC flat -Morgan CN flat
  19. Frost \ Kool One Zkil Sight Reup Zink Drone Couper Ben One Nots, Hype, Last Juner, Chisme ??? Renos, Diet
  20. Check out the new website www.railsidefilms.com , which is for an all freight DVD that is coming out in the new year. It is a collection of footage from a number of area codes including New York, California and Canada. It features 50% live painting, which includes Arsn, Sight, Spoter, Sectr, Fatso, Thesis and a lot more. Make sure you check out the trailer!! Also join the mailing list so we can let you know where to get it when it drops. Now here are some fliks. I'll add some more in a week or so. Myth Sneke 21rak, Pez Fyse Shek Heroin Fear
  21. Wow I just caught that Pier, metal and Arys about two weeks ago. Those CPs are moving.
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