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  1. Beast

    Spotted 87

    this week was a good week...... -?, Ekon, Perv, Heman, Axion e2e autorack -Break, When autorack -Ewok CPAA -Lamer e2e IC -Rek, Daze RBOX -Moby, CLown GVSR -Kero SRY -Pager, Sesk IC flat -Joker, Jets, High, Kane e2e CNA flat -Rcade, Kwest CPAA -Caber, Fatso e2e o/s Jesk, Fatso, Sectr USLX flat -Avers e2e CNA -Menes BCOL flat -Sigh CN flat -Booz, Ectoe SRY -Dever dissed CNIS -Sace, Screw autorack -Eask, Repae IC -?, Size21 SSAM -Hopr, Hype CNA -Yukon, Yeti TBOX -Erupt, Yeti, Spade tanker
  2. Beast

    rip riot

    Here is one I caught recently.......
  3. Beast


    For the UB fellas...
  4. Beast

    Spotted 87

    -Ben, Vizie SRY -Grief MR -?, Garp SP -Metr UP -Prayer IATR -When, Sigh TBOX -Slame WLO -Repae, Nikon ICG -Nekst MRL -Tars CP -Caber, Fatso e2e USLX flat -Erupto, Daysr SLGG waffle -Sight SLGG waffle -Aest, Popquiz SOU waffle.
  5. you kill it man. I remember catching that Hydro cushion about 6-7 years ago. Shit was nice to see then and even better to see now.
  6. http://www.underpressure.ca they updated with most of the info. Aug. 14th is the painting.
  7. nice post. good to see that old Menis still rolling.
  8. Beast

    Spotted 87

    -Sitonmyface e2e RBOX -Cemek, ? CP -Nimz SOO -Nekst, Erupto SRY -Much, Ewok CP flat -Heroin, Sight CP flat -Hate EEC -Stelth, Tars MRL -Rank, Crums MRL -Skunk, Fatso, Jesk, Slug, Klone autorack -Kemos autorack -Chip,Navy8 -Bay Colony boxcar stamped WLO
  9. can you please state if you looking to trade digital fliks or actual hardcopy photos. thanks!
  10. I'm always down to trade hardcopies of photos. I got lots of freights, walls and bombing but would like to find people to trade walls and bombing with since everyone seems to want freights. Most of the walls/bombing is Canadian that I got. Only quality shit, no fucking around. hit me up at beaster403@hotmail.com
  11. the ones you were asking about... Uskae Uber Klone
  12. -Deals, Taiko LW -Engine SOO hopper -Sole, Jaber SLR -Norms CP -Ecsoe, Liter TBOX -Days, Durt CP -Hore CP -Hore IC -Rei, Sels, Freak WC -Joce WC -?, Cie5 WCCL -Eulogy CNA flat -Ogre, Jome BCOL -THeory HS -Page, Serk IC Flat
  13. You Win!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  14. The last week.... -Tars CP -Fatso, Sectr USLX flat -Isto, Nme WLO -Sebo CN flat -Revok SLGG -Pesky, Stain, Aroe, Size, autorack -Navy8, Oze108, Pepe IC waffle -Maguts WCCL -Char IC waffle -Prox, Brizo, Dzone CN -Sae CP waffle -Riot, Grade SSW old golden west -Heist CP hopper -Gsouth CP hopper.
  15. The DVD is in stock. *** There is a 5% discount on all orders!!! UNTIL Sunday, May 1 *** http://www.railsidefilms.com/new/store.php
  16. no one...it said BMB
  17. -Prayer, Napo, Dizer, Adge autorack -Cawto, Warp autorack -Genes, Bean autorack -Goose, Plohs?, Renk autorack -Hope SOO -Scan, Senk CP -Dime, Erupto, Lewis, Voice GVSR -Kome GTW -Owl, Jurne, Ted, Sept IC flat e2e -Jerms, Lewis CN flat -Lewis, Tre WLO -Crae, Wyse IC -Rove, Theory CN flat
  18. ***The DVD will be available Monday, April 25*** ***However you can PRE – ORDER and get 10% off!!! UNTIL Sunday, April 24 *** http://www.railsidefilms.com/new/store.php Not only is it a 70 minute DVD of all steel but it even comes with a 60 mintue cd of the soundtrack and an 8 page colour booklet of fliks. http://www.railsidefilms.com
  19. Must be sold out mostly everywhere because you can't get it from the distributor anymore either.
  20. bombingscience.com has it. I thought it was very well done. Sure it could have used a bit more action and interview stuff but they had a lot of nice trains in it instead of some vids with a lot of unimpressive fill-ins and garbage. The spots they bench from were sick and they changed up the footage quite a bit.
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