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  1. I remember him at Under Pressure hustling discontinued American Accents. Been catching his stuff for years and then today I get the honour of seeing this roll by side by side, a perfect married couple.




  2. -Yuthe, Koin? UP

    -Yeti TBOX

    -The Ghost Ninja CNIS flat

    -Chide TBOX

    -Raems hopper

    -Hindu WC

    -Alive, Eaz wholecar WC

    -Caber, Seka, Fatso DWC

    -Waser unfinished wholecar autorack

  3. Looking for a copy of that graff mag that has tribe on the front bombing the bus window in braod daylight. i think it was Big Daddy mag or something like that.


    PM pls, k thx


    You mean Big Time.


    I got some mags to trade or sell...


    WYWS #2, #5

    Elementary #2

    Underground production #10

    Phantom #3

    Scribble #9

    Wanted #3

    Scribble #10

    Scribble #12

    Backspin #6

    Backjumps 8

    Blitzkrieg 1, 2

    Molotov cocktail 7

  4. This idea of this thread is for people to post what older graffiti items they are hunting for.

    Hopefully it will help people connect and better their collections.


    A few things I am looking for:


    Original The Lines Toughest VHS.

    Old Canadian graffiti photographs.

    old issues of Xylene magazine.

    #1-6 of old zine called Invasion.

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