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  1. FunktionOne

    Graffiti's effect on paint manufacturers

    shit man.. I've been using brushes on my super bomb graffiti masterpieces.. it takes a long time but it gives me an excuse to talk to the honey dip that works the register at micheal's
  2. FunktionOne

    Justin Timberlake is hilarious.

    I saw "Special guest: Justin Timberlake" and I though Ohh bummer, but I'm strangely suprised and might go buy his new cd to impress girls
  3. FunktionOne

    san rancidsco fart institoot...

    Re: san francisco art institute... I've been considering an art school for a long time now, I think I'm just gonna go to barber school instead and charge $200 a haircut..
  4. FunktionOne

    fastfood wars - use to be (got a job today!)

    Sonic is overated like in-and-out is overated, dunkin dounuts beats krispy kreams ass, and I swear if I ever drive by a white castle I'm stoping immeadiately... I heard it's that good. Hardee's is Carl's Jr.+ fried chicken, but it might only be like that in the south, cause we like that chicken, naw meeeen
  5. FunktionOne

    I should become a bouncer

    "..the kind of bouncers that think bouncin is a cool job and hand out with other bouncers and go home everynight to beat off to the movie roadhouse" ron white
  6. I had my camera in my pocket and somehow cracked the LCD screen. Nikon wants too much too fix it, and I've been looking on ebay for broke cameras to use for parts. Is there anywhere I can get camera parts on the cheap?
  7. FunktionOne

    it's columbo day bitches...

    colombus did start the america we know today, sure someone else would have found it sooner or later, but hey, it's a federal holiday! So just forget about the details..
  8. Re: 5 groups that you probably missed, and your life will never be the same becase of WILD STALLION!!!! (Insert Air Guitar Here)
  9. FunktionOne

    Halloween costumes

    I'm gonna go as a tennis player (via: the royal tenenbaums) and wear shorts so short that my balls hang out the leg hole..
  10. FunktionOne

    Scary Movies ---> obscure ones...

    If you want to be absolutly disgusted.. check out "FEED".. It was just released, Not your typical horror movie and EXTREAMLY DISGUSTING!!!
  11. FunktionOne

    Fuck what you all say...

    Maybe metalica and I could go halfzies on a cab?
  12. FunktionOne

    Urkle's car

    man.. too bad about that guy's career
  13. FunktionOne

    kevin nealon

    Just harness the good energy and block the bad, harness good, block bad... ya see happy....
  14. FunktionOne

    Should i buy these?

    I say Fuck Shoes..
  15. FunktionOne

    LAS VEGAS.....pictures from my trip..

    I just threw away a big stack of them glossy escort service cards they hand you on the strip, like every two feet. I don't know why I held on to em so long?