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  1. ^^ what books you reading for school?
  2. just finished "budding prospects" by tc boyle. a good, quick read. funny too, i laughed out loud a couple times. its about some 20 something bums growing weed and all the trouble they encounter. not sure what is next. i am trying to read dos passos 42 parallel, but it is slow goings. y
  3. yoshy


    i went for a ride last night and felt great, no one was in the park. i did a few laps after work. it really helped me unwind. the other day i was cruising down on the left side of the street and a car cut across 3 lanes from the right to make a late left turn and almost clocked me as it turned. i jumped off of my bike to yell at the asshole and it turned out to be a cop in an unmarked car. he wanted nothing to do with me, and shoo-ed me out his way with his car. WHATEVER
  4. good stuff, i like the thread. any ideas where i can upload an mp3 to?
  5. haaaahaaa, oh man. yeah when people start talking about their work, it is usually dissapointing and aggravating in the least.
  6. http://wwwimage.cbsnews.com/images/2004/03/25/image608684x.jpg'>
  7. what do you do for work again? i forgot. i think we had this conversation the last time... maybe not
  8. ^^ try resetting your text size under the view tab at the top of the page to a smaller size. in this forum, when i click on links sometimes it tells me that i am trying to download a .php file instead of going to the thread. whats up with that? is that my computer or this site? anyhelp greatly appreciated... y
  9. that guy has a ton of walkies on. jeeez.
  10. 42nd parallel - dos passos and i just finished to kill a mockingbird "hey boo"--
  11. check out the biennal at the whitney bring your snow shoes... cheap beer in the east village, go to lakeside, get in the photobooth and take some pics chinatown, get some soup dumplings at joe shanghai go rollerskating at the roxy!
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