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  1. some of the pix are shitty, but on with the show... http://fbeez.host.sk/misc/12/001/1.jpg'> www.fbikru.com http://fbeez.host.sk/misc/12/001/2.jpg'> www.fbikru.com http://fbeez.host.sk/misc/12/001/3.jpg'> www.fbikru.com http://fbeez.host.sk/misc/12/001/4.jpg'> www.fbikru.com http://fbeez.host.sk/misc/12/001/5.jpg'> www.fbikru.com http://fbeez.host.sk/misc/12/001/6.jpg'> www.fbikru.com http://fbeez.host.sk/misc/12/001/7.jpg'> ...oh, did i mention the website?
  2. the fact that ratio of topic views 2 topic replies just shows how few ppl on this board actually paint
  3. www.fbikru.com http://www.fbikru.com/images/fullsize/pieces/pot07.jpg'> pot www.fbikru.com http://www.fbikru.com/images/fullsize/pieces/dido06.jpg'> dido www.fbikru.com http://www.fbikru.com/images/fullsize/pieces/pot08.jpg'> pot ...oh, and check out our website at www.fbikru.com ------------------ graf and porn @ fbikru.com
  4. arce

    crazy 3d shit

    4got 2 i add i didn't paint that wall, so there's no point in givin me pointers on handstyle ------------------ graf and porn @ fbikru.com
  5. arce

    crazy 3d shit

    puke - bar - dido - pot - sade - shak ...i c the 1st reply has just been deleted ------------------ graf and porn @ fbikru.com [This message has been edited by arce (edited 07-22-2001).]
  6. arce

    crazy 3d shit

    http://www.fbikru.f2s.com/images/fullsize/pieces/9-piccer.jpg'> more at www.fbikru.com ------------------ graf and porn @ fbikru.com
  7. i don't c what's so bad about consulting an astrologer ------------------ graf and porn @ fbikru.com
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