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  1. A friend of mine is selling his record collection. He has alot of good stuff but it is going quick. One person's garbage is another person's treaure - check it out. ::: view records :::
  2. Healthy Lung http://www.presmark.com/images/healthy_lung.gif'> Smokers Lung http://www.presmark.com/images/bad_lung.gif'> Nuff said.
  3. I have been using www.disinfo.net for years as my internet based e-mail. They are ending of all their accounts in like a week so I need to find a new place to get e-mail. What are some good places besides hotmail, yahoo, excite, etc..?? I would prefer a place that has untracable e-mails, etc.. give me your favs..
  4. smaller cities in the midwest
  5. http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/beast...sts/beasts.html Did anyone watch "walking with prehistoric beasts" last night on discovery channel? It was pretty awesome. Almost 100% of the show was in 3D animation, but it looked sooo real. I found it really interesting how they made the show look like it was in real time, but all of the post-dinosaur creatures they featured were over a 50 million years old.
  6. http://www.bastardartists.com here is some more from http://www.bastardartists.com, one of the best graff sites on the "net". If you want to see more,...just go there. <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_f02_001.jpg> <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/d06/d06_029.jpg> <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/p08/p08_LTS_000.jpg> <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/f02/f02_030.jpg> <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/k06/k06_p08_004.jpg>


    Just for the record, in case you didn't already know... The Misfits stole their logo from an old horror movie called "The Crimson Ghost" <img src=http://images.amazon.com/images/P/6302213266.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg>
  8. I knew alot of people on here would apreciate this if they haven't seen it already. I didn't know how new it was, so if someone has already posted something about this,..sorry. To those who have already played it,...how is it?? http://www.cabinfever.org/simpsonsclue.gif'> The Simpsons Clue is a hysterical collectors edition of the classic Parker Brothers® detective game Clue. On a dark and stormy night Chief Wiggum finds wealthy industrialist Charles Burns dead. In a typical display of incompetence Wiggum rounds up the six likely suspects: Homer,Marge, Bart, Lisa, Krusty the Cl
  9. nice con!, but where is the simpson characters??
  10. I have been really feeling alot of LA stuff lately.....especially the ones above. Might I add the nice placement of a pentagram.
  11. http://www.bastardartist.com <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com:80/Graf/r02/r02_028.jpg> <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_025.jpg> <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_027.jpg> <img src=http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/Bridges/i05_r02_000.jpg>
  12. this dude did graphics for consolidated or some shit... crazy!
  13. who has worse tattoo's? Chopper or GG Allin?
  14. "take this finger, take this thumb... stretch them out to form a gun point to the left side of my chest Just say BANG and it's done. POLARBEAR CLUB 2016 !!! I'm 42 and so are you!
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