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Everything posted by dosoner

  1. didnt i post all this shit like 5 years ago?
  2. im not sure if you were reffering to me or not. but i wont be there at that time. right after though. chances are good weve been at the same place at the same time in this little old city, we just dont know each other. fuck i was kickin it like 6 feet away from soupbdc in sf and didnt know it at the time, and god knows theres alot more people there.
  3. shit happens to me all the time.
  4. makin the trip to sf again this weekend. not gonna be at the power exchange though.
  5. lake tahoe is fuckin rad. im there everyday
  6. dosoner


    ridden in sidi's and diadora's alot. no complaints about either. northwave snowboard boots are the shit though, i know that. no idea about the cycling shit they make though.
  7. 1 or 2 glasses? yea fucking right. 1 or 2 every 30 minutes maybe/
  8. chipped, is ok. i got some chips here and there. but crooked ass out of place yellow big ass gap having ugly gum shit..... im not down.
  9. dosoner


    i hate crank bros egg beaters and all variations there of. they dont allow you to adjust the tension, and i like mine to be really tight. fixed or gear, i refuse to ride them.
  10. dosoner

    Car Bash

    im not sure i would pay a buck to hit a car with a hammer. there are thousands of them just waiting to be smashed all round my city.
  11. dosoner


    my buddy rides the fuck out of his time atac's, never had a problem. i've ridden a gang of diffrent shimano pedals, and as long as you dont got the tension set really loose you shouldnt have any issues. unless you like to turn your feet at 90 degree angles alot.
  12. dosoner


    there is definetly a black hipster that calls my city home. he dosnt ride a bike though.
  13. i cant really fuck with girls with bad teeth, i know what you mean dude.
  14. damn, almost beat me, looks like ill be the first to go still. sometimes i wonder how i ever made as many years as i have.
  15. full cs3 ste took me like 45 mins to get.
  16. im not even sure how i got that low. probably drinking smoking and all the other bad shit i do. good thing most of it wasnt even on that test,
  17. 65. if i make it that long it will be amazing.
  18. right. im surprised no one said anything about the silhouette of her tits yet
  19. dosoner


    at least around here, i mean.
  20. dosoner


    all the dudes that have nice colored phils, normaly laced to deep v's of a matching color, dont really ride them. but fuck, do they ever look cool locked up in front of the local bar.
  21. dosoner

    The Bet

    dosnt sound like a safe bet to me. id rather keep my money and not feel like shit. but then, i wouldn't eat one of them in 8 hours.
  22. ^word. isn't there a thread that this could be in, without starting a whole thread for it.
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