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Everything posted by dosoner

  1. Because I've been here since 2000 and have 3,600 posts. 1.3 a day on average.
  2. dosoner


    My embarrassment is what i deserve for being a bad drunk and starting this. and then looking at all the posts I've made in the last 7 or so years 5 months later and finding this.
  3. every day dude. somehow i manage to work and get paid while doing so.
  4. if you get rid of her, then miss her. its your own fucking fault. if a mother fucker cries to me about that shit? fuck off.
  5. if that group of bitches was at my birthday, i would call it off.
  6. dosoner


    as long as you stomp the snow out of the cleat before you get back on, its fine. the rest of the bike is mostly crap. mid range to real cheap shit. the cranks would be cheap too, but i dont really like fucking with cheap flexy drive train crap. that and i got the record pista cranks for free
  7. seriously, for the first time in a real long time, i cant even bitch about it. consider me married.
  8. gave out all i got on this page
  9. well aware of it. well aware of how to fix it. not concerned.
  10. i try to pretty much abide by all that shit. but people still think im an asshole.
  11. dosoner


    they aint too bad if your going accrossed them at a right angle, its when your drifting left or right over them that will kill you. gotta cut them sharp. not that i know what the fuck im talking about, there isnt any tracks in reno
  12. dosoner


    i got drunk thursday night and made dirt sign my mash shirt. he wrote fuck you on it. im so proud of myself.
  13. dosoner


    i run one up front too. love it.
  14. people are still this concerned with their post count?
  15. i worked in chicago for a bit. the winter didnt really bother me much. you just have to dress for it and its not bad at all.
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