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  1. Well i got an idea that might give me some shit, i was walking around town, observing stickers, and i thought i would put up not only mine but your alls too, kinda like spread the word sorta thing, so if youd like me to spread your art and take pics of it, you can send me your stickers and i will, im in KY and i dont think many of you if any are from here so if it sounds good to you send me an email, jbigz13@yahoo.com if not oh well thought i might help
  2. Dad started out as a cab driver back in 1995 with very little money. Now, he's an owner of a limousine company. And yours? Quoted post [/b] Read The Bluegrass Conspiracy is all i can tell you
  3. The Cessna was a 1978, im not sure of the version, and i cant think of the tailnumber, anywho, the Porsche wasnt new either, a 1971 black 911 Targa, it was fun as hell to drive but had no A/C among other things. We used to rent a Lear 31-A and that was in the early 90's, now my family doesnt do shit, but i still go to HHI, other than that its all gone. My Uncle had a Glass-Air, which is a kit plane, he designs and builds his own engines. um thats about it to answer your questions. By the way.....if i may be nosey, how did your alls parents come about their money?
  4. Some of these responses are hilarious. My childhood consisted of Summers in Hilton Head Island, SC Flying privately either on the family plane (Cessna) or friends jet (Canadair Challenger) Riding horses, and going to the track Sitting in Millionaires Row @ Churchill Downs Having box seats at the Reds Games Dinners with business men that have translators Grandmother taking the grandkids shopping in Palm Beach BMW at age 15, Porsche for 17th bday Debutant balls Friends yacht in Bahamas Sperry Docksiders sorry im not ghetto, however i lo
  5. someone help this guy out, im 600 miles from him so i have no say, but he obviously wants to paint and looks to be a good writer, are you all scared he will show you up?
  6. oh yeah ive been a member since 2000......anyone older than i
  7. that last one is gorgeous.......i have been gone awhile. looks like things are still going well.... gone
  8. noise

    that nigga Para

    finally Hey man love your stuff, finally glad to see someone holding down the Bluegrass state, oh and fuck Rick Pitino while Im at it.:D
  9. im back guys, my stuff will be up shortly
  10. I LOVE YOUR STYLE! I CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT...........yeah shut up i sweat it hard....as should you all :loopy:
  11. those are awesome post more! love the colors/shading on the last peice
  12. noise

    Fake ID

    ok folks ive ran into a problem. i need a fake i had a NJ one but i lost it on new years, what a way to start the year! yeah anyway, i need a site, or any info you can give me also, id like to hear some fake id experiences if you have any. peace noise
  13. ive seen that louisville wall.......there are better
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