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  1. also - does anyone have an e-mail for nugget or lee's girl? -Rhek
  2. Yo - I need high-res (1 mb or higher) flicks of Avers graf for a tribute spread in Under Pressure magazine ( http://www.underpressure.ca/ ). Frieghts, walls, doddles, anything - plus i need pictures of the Lee Side tirbute wall. Please help, I need to get this in ASAP and I don't have many flicks of his shit and I just lost my digi cam (in fact, Decmeber as a month is terrible). E-mail all images to rhekone@gmail.com and please repost this, tell people about it etc. Rest In Peace my brother.... peace -Rhek rhekone@gmail.com
  3. SMOKEY DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. http://www.lowpressure.ca/powell-wall.gif'> OPE (RELAX) RHEK (HW.GNF) background - MARK 4 (RELAX)
  5. rhek is like woah! If Rhek painted more his shit would be in this thread but it's not so fuck off ARS ARS HW HW -Rhek
  6. woooooooooo .... benone. i think i saw you on a skytrain when my boy was beating down some woman with a belt... -Rhek.HW
  7. RhekOne


    hi homie... good to see you at scribble - that place was nuts peace -Touchy McUnderage
  8. hey mes destructo said your coming to BC call me if you don't know anyone peace rhek@lowpressure.ca
  9. Lies is allmost as good as my friend BORE (who i think Lies bit from!!!) Whack biter... -RhekOne.HW.GNF.ARS.ADK
  10. Sectr - did you catch thoes Here's in Donairville or what? I got some flicks coming to you cuz I've been hitting freights... word out peace -COPE2.6
  11. ese - Thanks for putting up a Reset flick - he's the homie and I never see his shit since I left mtl. word!
  12. Hi Homie... sorry about the title but I've been listening to D12 all day, here's a sample rhyme "there's 3 things stopping me from being a nazi/one, I'm black, I'm a fag and my fathers Liberace" - Bizare plus there's tons on talk about doing extasy and picking up transvestites. This rap shit is outta controll... How you been? I've been all over freights these days and it's the best. I still could use some flicks from you and some more Olive True Colorz... peace -Rhek.HW [This message has been edited by RhekOne (edited 07-05-2001).]
  13. I actually like the Anode throw the best... Who did it Cab's? Sure I'll go to Truro, but at Christmas... peace -Rhek www.lowpressure.ca
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