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  1. K15

    Wash DC

    Sudn Wow at that old Floyd.
  2. K15

    Wash DC

    Great flicks, Mister.
  3. Those Rakes are dope. Saeph is a cool name.
  4. K15

    Wash DC

    Reeeeeko. MTC stays busy
  5. K15

    NC graf.

    Love that obsoe on i40.
  6. Gotta thank MTC for making my commute so interesting for the past year or so.
  7. K15

    Wash DC

    He still had a lot running in DC in the late 90s, even in Georgetown. No idea when they were dated, but that flick reminded me of stumbling across a bunch of his stuff around 98.
  8. K15

    Wash DC

    That sucks to read. Used to see him up quite a bit. RIP.
  9. That was an awesome thread. I would love to see those photos again now.
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