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  1. newz, did you get photos of the pieces me, spek and physyk did to the left of that kops roller? I ran out of film right before we did them...
  2. Shocked, amazed, horrified... You've recieved classification: Genius because of #31 in the first fifty (stupid jet sketch).
  3. I like the stickers very much. I am confused though; is that fat dinosaur/hammer-head shark thing supposed to be a fat gay midget? If so you have a very peculiar perspective on things...
  4. As if I don't fucking love these... wicked scary lizards.
  5. We walked right into a line of about 15 of those gorgeous new red ones a couple weeks back. Got our shit going. Everything was going swell then "HEY!" - they rolled before we could return to finish. Where we hit them I have never encountered any workers face to face. It was as though the worker was a hawk, poised. Ready to swoop down on the unsuspecting rodents that feverisly try to paint his nest eggs... Damnit. Reset is very talented, yes.
  6. Happy Canada Day. http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1589977&a=12104933&p=51204424&Sequence=0'>
  7. Counterstrike? Fun stuff. Do you do CS maps?
  8. There's nothing ugly about Tom Baker.
  9. Even though the letters are akward, the overall shape of the piece is pretty good and symmetrical. I kinda like that.
  10. Man you guys are boring. Let me run it down: -stable -hay (or plastic facsimilie) -riding crops (a must) -portable tv and vcr -HeeHaw box set (vhs ofcourse) -peanut butter (for those that know) The barn be bumping tonight...
  11. feb 04, 2064 - 83 years old...
  12. greeeeeeeeeeen hellllllllllll!!!!!!!
  13. Aloha... http://www.geocities.com/KianaAtlanta/BlackOnePieceBalconyStandingRear04.jpg'> Don't think honey, you'll get wrinkles...'> Floss regularily... http://images.ofoto.com/photos56/1/21/61/58/95/0/95586121103_0_ALB.jpg'> I'm old enough to be your...uh nevermind... http://www.geocities.com/chickbassist_79/Krystal.jpg'>
  14. crossfade

    Yard Safety

    Not really a bump but more of an emphasis of the "ghost" trains - the ones that just coast real quiet like with the engine seemingly off. It happened that in this particular large, active yard that two lines were moving at the same time. The first I noticed was going quickly and making a great deal of noise. Because of this I neglected to notice the line right behind me roll right on past very close to me. I swear I didn't hear it or feel it. I nearly shit myself. I guess I would have to say that I wasn't on 100% alert. Could have killed me I bet.
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