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  1. GxRxAxFxMxAxTxIxC.. nuff said..
  2. i liek eating cup'o'noodles with tapatio sauce..mMmM cambells is good for them cold morning days.. but id rather have a bowl of cinomon toast crunch
  3. when i was 16 my neighbor was liek one of my good friends she was a year older then me .. and one time her mom caught use hittin the sheets..and she acted leik she was all pissed.."it was her step mom" the next day she calle dme over supoolsy to talk to me ..and i piped da hoe liek buttah.. her mom was a feak..for the next 2 years until i moved to the states i would hit them both but the daughter never found out..unless she did and i didnt knwo about it..but it was cOo
  4. thats probly juss in your city i guess.. kid hear dont paint there shOes.. i would skater shoes are pretty expensive
  5. juss sock him in the fucking grill.. then ask him.. or juss ask her.. fuk it.. have you hit it?..if you havent hit it..then the race is still on but if youve piped her thats a different story..
  6. post yer fav catoons any era. grape ape.. turbo teen... space ghost.. pund puppies.. the wuzzles.. gummy bears.. simpsons.. dexters laboratory.. johnny bravo...
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