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  1. Nervous


    does anybody know any good spots to paint in this KCMO? I just moved here from LA yesterday....i need to get up....
  2. i just moved to kansas city from LA. does anybody know where to get montana or belton in this town?
  3. :king: I just got back from seeing the Piece by Piece documentary by Senor. It was dope. It made me want to go painting right now. So I thought I would just pop online and say if you see this movie being played in some small time cinema pay the money so that you can view a piece of graff history. I have to say it was inspiring, I have been painting for 12 years and things like this are what keep me going. If you get the chance take it! KEEP ON ROCKIN
  4. ok how about TOY.... and if this don't work has anyone been to www.bombtheworld.net
  5. Nervous


    WTF!!! Nayyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Whoa Horsey, Whoa!!!! I don't post for what 4 days and this turns to a philosophical brewHaHa!!!....(laughing hysterically) ahahaha ahahaha hahahaha ahahah ah Fuck guys....Art is either Playgurism or Vandalism, and you all have very valid points. Some I agree with and others your views still interest me. What we must realize is that this our chance, as graff artists or whatever the fuck you want to call yourself to leave a profound watermark in this important sub-culture. You don't have to agree with each other, But what you do have to do is acknowledge that you are what's going on and you need to make the change to what you want this game to be to you. No one, and you already know this, can and should tell you otherwise. Keep the Peace. Stay Positive. Seeking: have you ever thought of a profession in Stand-up Comedy www.bombtheworld.net
  6. Nervous


    Seeking: aren't you bored of graff and it non-evolutional change? I mean if you could change anything other than me posting this, what would you change? Because it seems to be that you are locked in your own box and that the paradigm shift is about you! Just a thought, not an attack on your personal hygene...;)
  7. Nervous


    i tell ya, maybe billboards! something 3 dimensional! i dunno how, but it's a thought!
  8. Nervous


    in each section of graff there has been an evolution in its form. I ask this because in Renaissance there where the frescos of that period, then then it has clearly evolved to aerosol. But for the last 30 years we have begun something. Yet there has been no significant impact on "graffiti's" lifestyle. I suggest a change, maybe this post can begin something! I mean why not try something that is different, for example ABOVE (for the last 30 mins I went searching for his work online, but I am dumbfounded on where it was I saw his work:confused: ) otherwise maybe you can change the scene somewhat. And I am not talking about killer letters and crazy wildstyle, I mean something that is poignant in its element. Something that is not innovative but innventive! That is my proposal to any of you who desire a change in the ever so redundant urban lifestyle! I know I will try! :idea:
  9. hahah a hahahaha ahaha hahahah a so how then? it would be cool if you could help, but I am doing this from a Mac and the Safari window is different!.... :confused:
  10. Nervous


    Don't you seem to notice after being in this game for long time graff all looks very similar! I mean, after 13 years of painting I am bored of what I see! Don't get me wrong, but there are very few who are different and if you take just a few writers from ArtCrimes for example, on the Home Page, and click on the updates, who out of those three writers, who has something that the others in the graffiti community don't have. I guess I am just unimpressed with graff these days. That includes myself for that matter. Where will this sub-culture turn to once the middle era of our chromosone changes? How will our idealistic behaviour adapt to technology in the next coming years? Can we change graff? Or is it always going to be stuck in this repetative cycle repetative cycle repetative cycle...... oh sorry I am repeating myself! *cough* *cough* where does graff go next?
  11. i want to post my flix, but how without a URL? I want to from HD!!!!!!!
  12. Nervous

    pic info

    how do I post a pic without it being on the net....from my HD
  13. Nervous


    CONCENCUS I guess since everyone is saying the same shit you can automaticaly assume that you shouldn't worry the principal wasn't within there rights. So can we end this post or must we keep on babbling about the same shiet over and over!!!! This post should be toast!!! LaterZ...:idea:
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