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  1. http://www.sixteencolors.net spent a lot of time in the early-mid 90's in #ansi
  2. 300mm/f5.6 I started at 1/350 finished up at I think 2-4second exposures.
  3. Thanks - I heard, I have a friend down there. I had to fight some clouds but weather was cooperative for the most part.
  4. I know where... I don't think it is going to be there much longer either.
  5. If it is not a standard sized window or size, the Mat it is going to cost you. Some of the places have a minimum, I think Michaels was around $20 and I asked even if it was just 5x7and they told me it was, so take that for what its worth. All of the standard sizes you can usually buy right off the shelf at said chain stores and those won't cost you much. I Mat everything myself, it doesn't take me very long now. Soon once I get some space finished for all this stuff I won't have to break it all down when I finish. I have bought sheets 36"x40" (maybe even alittle longer) and it costs me less than 10 dollars. 11x14 uncut I think was 2 bucks.
  6. Don't spend it all on a body... Get some nice glass too.
  7. A few bad outings... trying to stay positive.
  8. I don't know about the whole anti shake. I shoot with a Pentax *istDS and have quite afew old lenses from my k1000 and haven't had much a problem as far as shakes go. I have upgraded since then.. Pentax has some amazing glass even some of the legacy lenses.. Some basic lenses for Pentax run far less expensive than Nikon lenses as well. Why is the anti-shake so important to you.? Are you planning on shooting hand held with slow shutter speeds often? I bring my tripod 90% of the time even if it is an extra 6lbs its worth it. Especially if you plan on going into abandoned buildings using just available light. Dust removal is another pro for the K10d over the 40x
  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sysoptimusprime
  10. Don't know if anyone wants to try trading prints again..? flickr.com/photos/sysoptimusprime ... I really need to put new stuff up.
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